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A compilation of random interventions you can bring into your training immediately, as they come up with my athletes 

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Spark the conversation with input as to what I cover, as well as minor personalization from me, in addition to the ramblings of course 

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I'm quite the spectacle these days, I talk to everyone, and my vehicle of choice gets a lot of attention. So this is a great added value for those of you that want to see something specific propagated, from a company logo to a personal message, I'm flexible. 
And I can work locally to get it made up, or you can send me whatever you'd like.



About AnthonyKunkel

How much can you trust input from a highly biased person? -everybody loves a clean answer, but it’s never that simple, beyond that Far too many “reviews” are from sponsored athletes or ambassadors (how cheap is your soul?!).. The same motivation that has kept me from committing to crippling exclusivity in order to secure a big running contract is the motivation for stating this page; we need more elite athletes that are unbiased and truly available! 
I’m attempting to share enough of my personal coaching ideology (with national records to its credit) as well as product reviews for you to inform yourself and become a better coach and advocate for yourself, to take more complete control over your running.  
-the difference between “coaching yourself” and simply “not being coached” 
-what supplements I have confirmed work, and more importantly how I came to that conclusion, learning the methodology for testing out supps for yourself
-approaches to low carb endurance, as someone who has been playing with this since 2010, not just the latest guru 
-shoe reviews backed with actual data; comfort is something only you can feel, but learning how to select a model for optimizing your race performance is something I’m shocked no one is talking about..
What else? Let’s see where it goes, trying to make myself completely available.  
23% complete
That’s the top end of reasonable 1:1 coaching for a month, and also equivalent to a small sponsorship, seems like a great place to start 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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