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My family and I would like to start making youtube videos on our adventures, and mountain rides, and everything we can think on. I mechanic, so I would like to make videos to help people with problems on vehicles because some problems I look up on YouTube doesn't have videos for. We would like to make videos for kids to enjoy like playing, and trying out new toys that kids want to see before they get them. We live in the country, so I will probably make some hunting videos as well... Just a YouTube channel on our lives and everything we love to do, and things people are interested in... I come to you for help in making this come true by helping us get video equipment and supporting us on this journey... thank you for the help in making this a possibility!
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I'm looking to make enough to get some decent cheap equipment for video and video edit. Right now all I have is my phone, and a poor action camera.. I would really appreciate the help in getting my videos started and rolling! Thanks!
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