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About Anthropologist on the Street

I love anthropology. It's the search for knowledge about what makes us human. Anthropological research teaches us about ourselves and what makes us similar and different from each other. It has the potential to help us overcome our assumptions about others' differences, to help us see each other as interesting, complex, worthwhile. 

The Anthropologist on the Street podcast is a labor of love, whose mission is to share the knowledge, passion, and insight of anthropologists who, in turn, can help us understand the lives and struggles of others.

The time, labor, and cost of producing the podcast is not funded by any organization or university, and instead relies on the financial support of listeners like you.

Please help support the podcast by making either a sustaining pledge or a one-time contribution. For the cost of a cup of coffee or a new book a month, you can help produce weekly conversations that may well change the way you see the world around you.

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