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About Anti-Social Media

If you'd prefer to make a one-off payment to me please visit my Paypal:


Please remember that if you wanna throw money my way for the videos and podcasts I make - you will only be charged ONCE every SIX WEEKS - (No more frequently than that).

Get your name mentioned at the end of every video, help out a poor small creator, and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside for just $1 per 6 weeks.

Hello Betas.
I am the owner/operator of a very small YouTube channel called  Anti-Social Media. I am approaching the 3,000 subscriber mark.
I produce topical comedy videos including parodies and critiques of YouTube bigots such as Bearing, Sargon, Warcorpse, AIU, Armoured Skeptic, Roosh V, Jordan Peterson, Warski, Richard Spencer, and so on.

I also have a topical comedy podcast. Listen via  SPREAKER, or SOUNDCLOUD, iTunes, or via my YouTube channel.

After some kind people offered to send me money I set up this TIPS JAR, which I spend mostly on weed and snacks.
There are no profits to be made from YouTube itself, and this Patreon will never be huge, but if you want to say 'thanks' for the content, and by that I mean 'get me stoned' then please consider donating $1 or more.

REWARDS, 2018:

1) If you donate via Patreon or Paypal you will have your name featured in the credits of EVERY SINGLE VIDEO I make. Just make sure to include your name with your donation. Paypal:

2) I release the occasional bonus video, a handful are available, you can watch by scrolling through old patreon posts.

3) If the monthly donations reach $50 per month, I will make brand new PATREON ONLY bonus content for each Youtube video i upload, and podcast too, and I'll take suggestions for future videos as well.

4) I also will begin uploading to Patreon 48 hours before videos are available on Youtube.

5) Season One of the podcast is no longer available to the public. It contained some of the most popular episodes and interviews and will shortly be repackaged as a BANDCAMP album of 3-5 hours in length. This will be available to the public (from 2019) for $5 minimum, but Paypal and Patreon people will get the whole lot FREE a week or two before the official release.

6) I have made almost all of my 2016 videos private due to me mentioning my real name, or the level of cringe being off the charts. But I am happy to let Patrons relive the cringe and learn my real identity. This "reward" (!) will be available from 2019 only.

I love you all. LATERZ BETAZ. x

$24 of $25 per creation
$25 per month = They're only a handful of backers, but they are the sexiest people on the planet, and they all smell great too.

You can see their names at the end of every video.
I think about them if Pornhub is down.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts