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Hello! My name is Antonio Luis Antipus, I'm a freelance illustrator, and comic book Artist I've been working for some years producing comissions and comics!
I would like to produce my own story and hadn't been able to find any way to make them possible and still pay bills and fill my mouth with food. Thanks to Patreon I have an outlet to create and fund my projects!

You can help me while I help you, everything I produce in the month illustration or comics or studies and tutorials I will share with you.

My WebComics "The Legacy of the Watchers" is an on going series that I hope to finish with your help.
Funding allows me to take time away from client work which would otherwise occupy my day to day and make it pretty much impossible to sustain a workflow on any personal projects.
Contribute as $1 it would be incredible, and you would be helping me make a fully realized The Legacy of the Watchers!

I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you

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