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Hello to all!
I go by Antony444 on several websites and I'm writing fanfiction on several universes, mainly the A Song of Ice and Fire books from GRRM, Harry Potter and the Warhammer 40k universe.
I love reading, writing and debating in the timelines involving magic, politics and epic fights.

All of my fanfiction works are available on several free websites, so supporting me on this site is in no way copyright infringement. I'm not going to force readers to pay for new updates, the chapters will keep coming no matter the success or not this page.

One good thing of patron is that it gives me a way to concentrate all the useful links on a single page.

My stories are:

A Different Weasel makes a difference (COMPLETED): an AU ASOIAF story.

Fanfiction link

Alternate History Thread

The point of divergence is the death of Lord Walder Frey, Lord of the Twins, and what this particular death will change in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. This story will be based on the behaviours, plots and strategies of canon, but will begin to massively diverge from the work of GRRM as the story progresses. The beginning will concentrate on the Westerosi civil war (aka War of the Eight Kings) but other realms and protagonists will be included as the world is threatened from all sides by legendary threats.
Warning: Unlike most ASOIAF fanfiction, this story is presented on the form of an historical record of the events which happened after the death of King Robert I Baratheon. As the period is somewhat chaotic, a lot of details have been lost, exaggerated or simply omitted. This to show how the characters we love and hate will enter the annals of Westerosi history...
The Epilogue has been posted.

Let the Galaxy Burn: An ASOIAF Space Opera AU.

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TV Tropes page

Alternate History Thread

It has been 283 years since Aegon the Conqueror was crowned, and the War of the Usurper has left the Seven Stellar Kingdoms of Westeros on the brink of collapse. The madness of King Aerys II Targaryen and the kidnapping of Lady Lyanna Stark by his eldest son Rhaegar have plunged millions of men and women into an ocean of violence. Once united under the same authority and the Iron Throne, thousands of warships clash in the depths of space. Entire continents are reshaped by the thunder of tanks, artillery and orbital strikes.
At the Trident, the Rebels suffered a heavy loss when their leader Lord Robert Baratheon fell at the hands of Lord Randyll Tarly. But the war is not over, and as tens of thousands die every day in the general indifference, the Targaryen dynasty and the lords still fighting under their banner starts to realise this is merely a prelude. Bitter feuds are created, and will last for decades. Ancestral households are burning. Fortunes are destroyed in a matter of hours.
Warriors may kill and find glory in epic battles on ground, sea and space, but in the shadows, conspiracies grow unchecked. The players of the Game of Thrones are placing their pawns for a new decisive confrontation, at the risk of threatening everything built in the last millennia.
And in the Void, something ancient has woken up. A being of unimaginable power, whose power may well be able to condemn humanity to a new age of ice and death...

Maps of the timeline and models for the warships are updated on alternate history.

The Weaver Option: a Warhammer 40000/Worm crossover.

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Alternate History Thread 1 [Story only]
Alternate History Thread 2 [Story and Discussion]

TV Tropes page

It is the 45th millennium and all is lost.
Humanity, Chaos and all the living races of the Milky Way have fought with the fury of the damned, but the merciless Tyranids have wiped out their resistance, planet after planet. Holy Terra and the last fortresses remaining are condemned to die, last beacons of light in an ocean of void.
In desperation, Tzeentch orders a last gambit: cross the veil between dimensions and find a champion which will be able to counter the trillions of Tyranids before everything is devoured. But the ritual does not go as planned...and now the future of the galaxy is uncertain.
There is only war among the stars, and the laughter of thirsting gods...

The Dance is not over: an AU ASOIAF story.

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Alternate History Thread

The Dance of the Dragons. The most destructive conflict Westeros had ever known before the War of the Five Kings. Half-siblings King Aegon II and Queen Rhaenyra I Targaryen fought each other to sit on the Iron Throne. Dragons battled each other in the skies. Cities burnt. Lands were ravaged by hungry armies. In the shadows, assassins, treasons and murders reigned. It was a time of chaos, where the order imposed by the Targaryen dynasty and the might of the dragons collapsed.
In the end, neither of the pretenders emerged victorious, both perishing and leaving the last young son of Rhaenyra take the throne of Aegon the Conqueror under the name Aegon III. Promises were made, a regency council was formed, and the divisions between the blacks and the greens were mended after a long and cruel winter.
But what if it had not happened? In this story, the courage of a young dragonrider proves the downfall of King Aegon II Targaryen at Dragonstone, unleashing a series of events which might change the kingdom forever.
Before snow and the winds of winter makes military campaigns impossible, the green and the blacks are going to settle their differences one for all on the battlefield. And the peace brought by the end of this Dance may only be found into the calm embrace of a grave...

The odds were never in my favour: an AU Harry Potter story.

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TV Tropes Page

The ten years she lived at 4 Privet Drive have been hell for Alexandra Victoria Potter. With an uncle, an aunt and a cousin willing to make her life as miserable as possible, Alexandra counts the days until she will be an adult and will be finally able to leave the Dursleys behind forever. So when a owl comes carrying a letter from a school of magic, Alexandra jumps on the occasion to leave Privet Drive for nine months.
But will the solution not be worse than the problem? The last member of her family has not exactly left an outstanding reputation behind him, and Hogwarts school reveals itself far more dangerous than she had ever imagined. With a manipulative Headmaster, an arrogant boy famous for having vanquished a Dark Lord and a mysterious organisation lurking in the shadows, the year is not going to be boring.
When your reality is far more challenging than a book of Tolkien, then you can begin to worry...
Arc 1 Alexandra and the Shadow of the Exchequer is finished.
Arc 2 Alexandra Potter and the Blood of Slytherin is ongoing!

The End of Times: an AU ASOAIF/Warhammer crossover.

Fanfiction link

Alternate History Thread

For three hundred years the Targaryens have reigned over the Seven Kingdoms. Despite the Blackfyres Rebellions, despite the loss of their dragons, despite the civil wars, famines and epidemics the descendants of Aegon the Conqueror have managed to keep the realm united.
Until now.
The power of the Faith of Seven has never reached in the cold North and the Iron Islands. The hunt to burn dangerous heretics is continuing to the present days.
Old feuds have not been forgotten. Ambitious nobles still conspire and elaborate plots to rise closer to the Iron Throne and absolute power.
On the other side of the Narrow Sea, old foes plot their revenge.
Omens of disaster multiply, from a bloody comet to unnatural phenomena, baffling the maesters of the Citadel.
This is a time of darkness, treachery, murder, disunion and cowardice.
This is the End of Times.

In this country, it is good to kill an admiral from time to time

Alternate History Thread

It is 1690 and the English Navy has just suffered a disastrous loss against the French Navy. Wind, poor decisions and misfortune have resulted in a dire outcome: for the first time in decades, the British Isles are wide open for a continental invasion. The course of history has been changed, and now Britannia may never rule the waves...
My first Alternate History timeline, exploring a possible world where the English Empire never dominated the world...Real World AU.
Right now, the story has reached the late 1890s and the first true World War....

An Impractical Guide to the Force: a series of one-shot crossovers between A Practical Guide to Evil and Star Wars

Alternate History Thread

Fanfiction link

A03 Link

The Jedi believed the Sith were the worst evil they would ever have to face in their lifetimes.
But as some deities given the power to amuse themselves breaking the veil between dimensions can attest, there are worse things out in the multiverse...and this includes the Dread Emperors and Dread Empresses of Praes.
Beware Jedi and other mortals, the true face of Evil is about to be unleashed on your unprepared galaxy...

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I stop looking for a job and I will dedicate the rest of my life to the noble art of writing.
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