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About Antranik

Hello, my name is Antranik and I have a passion for helping others to be healthy, flexible and strong.

I heavily utilize YouTube as a teaching tool, especially for motivational, educational and follow along exercise videos.

I also include my wonderful dog, Medax, whenever I can in the videos.

My internet presence began as solely a blogger, where I have written over 900 blog posts ranging from nutrition to fitness to motivational posts. I've also created an indepth anatomy & physiology series as I'm a huge kinesiology nerd.

Many of my fans have asked my why I don't have a Patreon and they have convinced me to set one up as a system that can help me to keep doing what, with greater quality, at a faster rate, and as a living, without needing to be distracted by other jobs.

So, if you have spare change and would like to support me, well, you can!
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When I reach $1000 a month, it will allow me to get better audio, video and lighting equipment (and to hire a professional if need be) so the videos can be consistently greater quality.
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