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for just $1 a month, you get full access to my exclusive Patreon feed, as well as my gratitude!
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For $10 pledgers, you will get a monthly patch! This will be decided upon, posted and shipped out by the end of the month.
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For $25 pledgers, you will get items from previous tiers, plus priority on my commission slots before I offer them to the public. This will not be available for every month, just when I am ready to take on more commissions. You will be messaged and asked if you would like a slot and will be given 48 hours to respond.
**Please note that you will still have to pay the full price of the commission and shipping. The Patreon pledge only gives you access to priority pick.
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About Anubis Studios

Hi there! Welcome to Anubis Studios' Patreon page!

I am an Egyptian-American plush artist in the United States that primarily focuses in the gaming and furry fandoms. You may have heard of me on various Pokemon merchandise collecting groups, at conventions, or elsewhere! I started creating plush through my Pokemon collecting, and was part of gift exchanges where I decided one day to try plush making as a portion of the gift. I've been making plush since the Spring of 2015!

I created a Patreon page because I want to further expand my plush making and embroidery skills. I created a monthly Patch Club to help provide customers subscription based goods, which lets me explore new things at my own pace! With your help as a patron, I would be able to earn additional income while working on convention stock, Patch Club ideas, and have the opportunity and time to expand my plush making to the next level. Having patrons would also give me the chance to focus on other community building opportunities, like livestreaming, tutorials and more!

Patrons will get exclusive access to my plans for convention and online store stock, as well as advance updates on when I open on commissions. I want to hear from you guys as contributors, so any posts I create are open to discussion with my patrons. I would also be willing to listen to recommendations on other content you might want to see here. :)

Thank you!

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My current sewing machine is a basic learning machine that isn't well suited for heavy usage. Upgrading to a more reliable machine will reduce the likeliness of my sewing machine breaking down while sewing, and have something better suited for plush making.
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