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About AnyArtz

Soo I’m not actually sure what I’m supposed to say but.. I’m AnyArtz.. I’m autistic and I love creating things, I draw because it comforts me.. for years I was too afraid to show off any of my art. Even now I still struggle. But creating art and manga is something I enjoy and hope you will enjoy it with me.. 

I want my Patreon to be something I can share my stuff with others a hope to make a bit of money from also. Especially saving towards my operation. 

I shall be posting my manga and possibly other stuff. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Heres my reasoning for making a Patreon. My story. When I was 14 I was told by my dentist that I need surgery on my jaw, as I’d have lots of health problems due to it, so I went to an NHS hospital and everything was going well, I was told I’d have to wait 1-2 Years for things to start going into progress but years go by and heard nothing from the hospital, I turned 18 and called up the hospital. They told me I was Supposed to be on the waiting list but they forgot to put me on it. I Was told I would need to go back to the hospital and see someone but the only way to get an appointment was to get an appointment through the dentist or my GP. But every time I’d go they would say they can’t help me or it’s not Their job. It was so frustrating. Eventually at age 21 a doctor finally listened and sent a letter to the hospital and they set up an appointment just for the day to come for me to see them and turn up and they told me. “Oh whoops seems like your appointment has been cancelled you should’ve received an cancellation” they lied. They never cancelled the appointment. They just didn’t want to see me. Till this day they won’t see me, they won’t take responsibility for their mess up. Iv had so many issues concerning my jaw. And it’s just getting worse. I was supposed to get it at a younger age but it wasn’t detected till age 14. Now age 21 and still nothing. So now I’m having to try and make the money to pay for it. I know this is a lot to ask. But anything is much appreciated. Thank you. 
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Once I hit this goal I’ll make a cute chibi gif with Ruka and yui 🌝
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