Creating Open-source software (including OpenMW's shadows)

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It says I have to have tiers. Five is a good number, so I picked that. Feel free to pledge more or less as you see fit. Everything's open-source, so you get access even if you pledge nothing.




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About AnyOldName3

I'm an open-source developer improving graphics in OpenMW (and occasionally meddling with Mod Organizer).

I worked on OpenMW's shadows until they looked better than those of the original engine and MGE XE, and am going to be working on further graphical improvements. Things I'd like to do include:
  • Creating a system for post-processing shaders, such as SMAA, SSAO and bloom.
  • Performance improvements. Everyone likes it when things go faster.
  • Better shadows. Stuff like having soft shadows or allowing point lights to cast shadows would be nice.
  • Modern rendering techniques like forward-plus or clustered rendering. Some of these will make things run faster, others will make things look better, and a few will do both.
  • Proper distant statics, hopefully without MGE XE's limitation that objects disabled by scripts are still visible from a long way away.
  • Adding ripple simulation (like the vanilla water shader had) and other water shader improvements.
  • PBR material support for more realistic-looking objects.
  • Helping add support for more model formats, such as GLTF or porting cc9cii's work on Fallout, Oblivion and Skyrim Nifs to work with modern versions of OpenMW.

Here's a video showing how good OpenMW can look right now, since it's gained shadows:

With Mod Organizer, my biggest contribution has been revamping the Python plugin interface. This has made making new plugins much more accessible to normal people and has made tools such as the built-in FNIS integration, the SSE orphaned save deleter and OpenMW export tool possible.

Having a Patreon should help me allocate more time to working on these projects (and in the unlikely case that the payout turns into a reasonable wage, it will mean that I can put all of my work into open-source stuff indefinitely). If you're just here to see OpenMW get prettier, it'll happen gradually over time no matter how this goes, but it's more likely to be done quickly the more time I can spend on them.

As I'm working on open-source stuff, patrons aren't likely to get anything they couldn't have got for free - if something's open-source, everyone gets to use it. You should look at this as a way to give thanks for what I'm doing rather than a way to get me to give you things. After all, if I decided to dedicate loads of time to Patreon-only blog posts showing my progress, it would take away from the amount of time I can actually spend making progress in the first place, so seems like the opposite of a good idea. That said, there's some brainstorming going on to see if there's anything I can offer to patrons that wouldn't take away from other things.

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