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i ran out of ideas

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alright so, this is a lot of money to just be handing out to someone. are you sure? do you mean it?

if anyone gives this amount, i'll reach out and figure out something i can do for you.



About Aperture

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Hi! I'm known as Aperture on YouTube. I've been creating videos for over 10 years on YouTube, but only in 2017 did I decide to create a channel to talk about the things that I truly care about in life.

I love creating videos. It's my passion; however, the videos I create take a very long time to produce. From finding topics, writing scripts, finding music and stock footage, animation, and many other things, it's a very long creative process that can take upwards of 100 hours (sometimes, even more) of work.

Here, if you so choose, you can pledge any amount of money you would generously decide to help support the channel and myself. This would help me create even more videos on a more frequent basis by helping me get new equipment, purchase stock footage, hire animators, and all that other stuff to help me make videos.

If you don't pledge anything, nothing will change; my content will still be free as it always has been. This is just a place for those who want to help support the channel and help the journey.
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If we reach this amount per month, I'll be able to live comfortably to the point where YouTube could be my full time job.
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