is creating videos and a stopmotion series
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About Aphinae

Uh, hi! I like to make videos and stopmotion things, so I made this to help fund my projects. I got a handful of people and we're currently making TBBS (The Bad Bitch Squad) without any sort of budget, so we'd like to take in anything I can get. Anything you donate will help tremendously with our work, and will speed up the process, as well as give the series quality (lighting, camera resolutions, setwork, etc.). Thank you for reading this short bio of what we do, and thank you so so much if you even visit this page.
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If we reach $100 USD per month, we will release a video every week. Of course, this will delay the process of the main seasons, but we think it's worth it so you at least have more content to watch while you're waiting.
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