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About Apocalizzy

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My Art & Your Rewards:

Hi! I'm Lizzy Price.

I'm an independent illustrator and graphic designer from upstate New York. Every day, I post sketches and finished digital art to my Instagram for free. 

I have started work on my first graphic novel, Welcome to the Wasteland. This is a huge project for me that will take most of the next year. I plan to release Part 1 (to Patrons first!) in Spring 2019.

For most of 2017, I worked on my art and supplemented my income with day jobs. I also learned a LOT from other artists and am continuing to learn and develop my illustrative style. 

As one of my valuable patrons, you will receive exclusive updates and art that no one else sees, like the process video posted here. Most of my rewards go to ALL my patrons, because even $1 a month makes a huge difference to me. It shows me that you appreciate my art and want me to succeed! 

If you do choose to subscribe at the $5 tier or above, you will receive early access to Welcome to the Wasteland. When Part 1 is complete, you will receive it all at once! Everyone else will have to wait for it to be uploaded one page at a time. 

As my audience expands, I plan to give out even more rewards to my patrons - see the Goals section for more!

Thank you so much for your support!


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When I reach $250/month, I will post monthly process videos with voiceover on YouTube.

The first of the month sucks, what with paying rent, the earth continuing to burn, confronting your mortality, and other reasons. But I can change that for you. 

You will see how I make my illustrations and hear about my creative process. I will share tips and info. I will even show my dumb face.

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