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Hello my friends! What is the Apocalypse Sports Network, and why should you subscribe? Here's the very short version:

What it is: A daily dispatch, which can be read via email or at,  (site design still in progress, bear with us!) written by me on the topic of sports. PLUS, podcasts—I'll be releasing two podcasts per week, one of which will be an interview with someone interesting in the world of sports, the other of which will be a free-flowing jam session between me and my cronies.

Why should you subscribe: Do you like the stuff I write and/or say, and are you interested in joining our online army? Then you'll love it! I could write something about "smart, irreverent takes on this crazy world of sports!", but fundamentally, it's pretty simple. 

And now the long version!

The Apocalypse Sports Network is a space where I, and all the people I like, can write and say what we want, in exactly the tone we want, and continue to build a community of people who can enjoy and benefit from each other's company at a time when communities, even of the online variety, are hard to come by.

My online writing habit goes all the way back to college, when I got my first laptop computer, and the internet history of Shane Ryan includes some long-deleted blogs that would probably force me to commit seppuku, on live television, if they were ever dug up from the Internet graveyard. But writing about sports, which has been a large part of my career for the last decade, really began on March 30, 2009, the day I launched a blog about Duke basketball while working at the front desk of a New York City hospital—a day job I held while pursuing my dream of becoming a famous Russian novelist.

I never became a famous novelist, much less Russian, but I had chosen the right moment to start a blog. Through a series of lucky breaks, it jumpstarted a career in journalism that I couldn't have expected. In the next ten years, based on opportunities that originated from that blog, I was lucky enough to write about sports (and later politics) as an actual job. I'm still writing about golf, both for Digest and an upcoming book about the 2020 Ryder Cup, but lately, after leaving my full-time job as a politics editor at Paste Magazine, it's hit me how much I missed those early blogging days when I could sit down in my spongy office chair and let it flow. The administrative job was terrible, my future was totally indistinct and very anxiety-provoking, and I was sick of the city, but the empty box on my screen promised no limits. That was real freedom, and it included the freedom to shout into an abyss and find out nobody wanted to listen. I liked it.

That's part of what the Apocalypse Sports Network is about. I'm launching the ASN for a price of $3 per month. At the risk of growing redundant, what EXACTLY is the Apocalypse Sports Network?

1. It's the daily Apocalypse Sports Dispatch, written Monday through Friday, that you can receive in a few different ways. First, you can simply visit the website to read it where it's posted—as a subscriber, you'll get a notification when a new post goes up, and a password to access the content. Second, you can receive it by email each morning in BCC format, meaning you will get that email and no other replies. Third, if you want to join the broader community conversation I'm envisioning and don't mind an active inbox, you can be cc'ed on the email as part of a discussion group, where you can reply and read other replies from fellow subscribers.

2. It's a twice- or thrice-weekly podcast under the umbrella of Apocalypse Sports Radio. You'll be able to listen on the Patreon website, download the mp3, or listen on your choice of podcast app (iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

Those are the basics, but let me dive in a bit: I envision this as a free-flowing, occasionally serious, frequently not serious, sometimes angry, mostly calm enterprise in which I (and any contributors or guests) talk about a wide range of sports topics in the loose and casual and, yes, irreverent way that has been almost totally choked out by the realities of internet journalism. There will be cynicism, optimism, fatalism, and everything in between. We'll get weird. It will be much funnier than this introduction. Every sport will be covered, some more than others. I could go on, but the basic truth here is that if you've enjoyed my writing or podcasting in the past, you will enjoy this, because it's a similar idea with fewer filters and a broader scope. I want it to be immediately entertaining, a positive addition to your entertainment diet, but I also want it to grow and evolve with time. If that sounds imprecise, it's because I want it that way. It's an amoeba that can flow in different directions.

I'm serious when I talk about community, too. This is something that can be enjoyed in isolation, but for those who want more, I want the Apocalypse Sports Network to be a vehicle for connection. The best part of the jobs I've had for the last decade has been meeting people and forming communities; readers, listeners, other writers. It started on Twitter, but we've also attracted hundreds of people who have done various pools over the years (shout-out to the Pumpkin and Satan-heads), jumped in on a thriving Slack channel that's now 60-strong and has inspired various forms of great conversation and even greater degeneracy, or, more recently, joined Apocalypse Sports Trivia. This network has been a huge positive for me, and I hope it's been the same for others. Why not continue to grow our online empire, and expand in ways that we can't even predict yet?

I can't begin to predict how this will go. All I can ask is that if you're interested, give it a shot, and I'll work hard to make it good. Some other quick points:

Q: How long will the Apocalypse Sports Dispatch be on a daily basis?
A: Of varying length, but those who know me (or are still reading this) know that when backed into a corner, I write long. But it will be broken up into palatable sections, so you can take it in chunks.

Q: Will you write about politics?
A: There will be no politics, unless it's the politics of sport—I have no interest in writing another word about Trump, Biden, or anyone else, unless they wade into our world...if Trump outlaws basketball, for instance, I'll write about that.

Q: Will Apocalypse Sports Radio have guests?
A: Definitely. I'm imagining guests from both within and without the Apocalypse Sports community. I haven't checked with his people yet, but I'm confident saying Tiger Woods will be my co-host.

Q: What's with the name?
A: Isn't it obvious? I intend to guide us through the end times with a focus on what really matters—games.

Q: What will you write and talk about until sports comes back?
A: It's a great question, and I promise you this: I will think of something. That's a Shane Ryan guarantee.

That should suffice for now. If you sign up, I'll contact you to ask which reading option you prefer—on the site, via email BCC'ed (getting no replies), or on the reply chain. Thank you for reading!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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