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About Autopod Decepticast

Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Autopod Decepticast, the podcast that whisks you on a comically-nostalgic journey through the most memorable (and questionable) moments from our favorite 1980s brand: The Transformers.

We kicked off our shape-shifting shenanigans by delivering a minute-by-minute breakdown of the 1986 classic The Transformers: The Movie. We then took a bionic break to cover the psychedelic thrill ride that is G.I. Joe: The Movie.

But we can’t quit those nickel-plated numbskulls. We’re back to our robo-roots and are producing an episode-by-episode analysis of the G1 Transformers cartoon series in the APDC style you know (and love?)

The vision for Autopod Decepticast has always been multi-media: We are all illustrators, designers, and writers in our own right. While our official episodes and back catalog are available free of charge, your support will allow us to spend time developing Patreon-exclusive projects: Art, physical merchandise, and bonus audio/video content... all for you—our most distinguished audiophiles!

Our sincerest thanks to all our listeners and patrons. You're the cat's pajamas.

Aaron, Ryan, and Caleb
The Autopod Decepticast
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