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You are the Production Assistants, the go-fers, but we love and appreciate you (unlike on a real film set).  Thank you for your donation and get ready to be counted.  You will get a shoutout on each episode of the month!

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Hey Grips, you make everyone look good and get none of the thanks.  Well, not on our set! Here, you will get a shout-out AND be involved in private polls when we need to choose a director. Be heard!

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The Director of Photography might not get the publicity like the above the line director, but they can be just as important! And in this tier, we get that.  You get three benefits; a shout-out, polls, and you get each episode as soon as it's edited!




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Welcome to our Patreon page, hopefully we will get popular enough to use it! But here's the deal, we are a movie podcast (yes, another one) that talks specifically about the great directors of past and present.  Mike and Dave pick one director a month, go through their filmography (some of it, at least) and try to figure out who they are as artists and narrow down one masterpiece. If our Patreon does well, hopefully we'll have some fun bonuses for you.  Welcome!
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At this level, we will be able to host the show for absolutely free. This would be fantastic because these monthly fees (even paid in lump sums) certainly add up very quickly!
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