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  • 2 Monthly tutorial videos with instructive voice-over so you can learn professional grade skills
  • 2 Monthly Photoshop PSD files with separated layers so you can directly see our step by step artistic process
  • 2 Monthly full-length time-lapse videos of Illustration creation showing every detail of all work performed
  • Polling and focus groups so you can vote on design elements of our projects
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Apotheosis Studios is a team of independent artists working tirelessly to bring you unique and powerful content. 

We have created the fantasy/sci-fi novel Rune of the Apprentice, the metamodern post-apocalyptic graphic novel The Last Amazon, and are currently working on Shadow of the Moon, a photorealistic illustrated novel and top-down roguelike action-adventure video game.

If you believe that innovative art is of value to our world and want to receive professional grade tutorials from our team, vote with your dollars by becoming our patron today!

What is Patreon?

Patreon exists because when creators are paid, they can create more amazing things! Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for us to get a sustainable income, give you early access, and keep full creative control of our art and studio! You donate a subscription amount of your choice in exchange for exclusive experiences, behind-the-scenes content, Photoshop files, and expert tutorials.

Why Apotheosis Studios needs your support:

Our current project is called Shadow of the Moon, and when completed it will not only be stunning but epic beyond words! Creating an illustrated novel and video game of this proportion is a massive undertaking, and for us to make Shadow of the Moon and the sequel to The Last Amazon, we need to be able to work on content creation full time without fear of being able to feed our families each month.

What YOU get for joining our community:

Patreon is the perfect platform for us to show behind-the-scenes content and share our skills and expertise with you. In addition to high-resolution early releases of our work, you also get insider access to our studio and dedicated Discord chat channels. At our higher tiers, you receive two tutorial videos a month with instructive voice-over so you can learn professional grade skills directly from our team. You also get two monthly Photoshop files with separated layers, storyboards, idea maps, and reference images so that you can see our creative process, step-by-step. Those, along with our full time-lapse videos and live Q&A streams, show every detail of our workflow, allowing you to follow along as we create the content you love.

If this seems cool, but you're unsure if you should join:

Whether you've come for exclusive art, expert tutorials, or advanced Beta copies of our books and games, Patreon enables you, fans and artists alike, to directly join our community. This allows you to become closer to our unique content while being able to grow and evolve your artistic skills alongside an awesome group of like-minded fans! But don’t just take our word for it, join for $1 and ask our community directly why they love Apotheosis Studios. They will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll quickly wish you’d joined our team sooner!

To learn more about our teambooks, and other offerings click here.
$1,000 - reached! per month
If we can reach this goal, we can afford physical office space for our team here in Boulder, Colorado! How amazing would that be!? No more long distance Discord screen sharing calls and confusing gif conversations! We can actually work side by side, in the physical realm! How revolutionary! 
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