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Supporters Club: Your name added to a page of sponsors on (only if you want), including a link to your website or game if you have one (must be games-related, no spam). Note: any developers supporting me will not get special treatment. I do not take payment for positive reviews. If you want a positive review, make a game I'll only have positive things to say about. :)




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About App Unwrapper

Hi there! Let me tell you why I've started a Patreon.

I've been writing iOS game reviews, previews and walkthroughs for my website,, since 2011. Since then, I've had more than 25 million views and helped many a lost player escape rooms they might otherwise be trapped in forever.

In case you don't know, my site leans heavily towards adventure and puzzle games, because those are the games I enjoy the most. I try to write as many quality walkthroughs (like this one) and reviews (like this one) as I possibly can (I'm only one human!). I enjoy doing this, and I want to continue doing this for a long time. I'm honored that so many people think of my site first when looking for a walkthrough, and the positive feedback keeps me going.

But this work is very time-consuming. A single walkthrough could take several days to write, since I strive for quality and add photos and/or video (like this one) as necessary. Unfortunately, I can't devote as much time as I have been without making some money. I do not take payment from developers for reviews because I want them to be unbiased so you, the reader, can trust me. I do have ads on my site, but they're very unpredictable and unreliable. I also don't like bothering my readers with tons of ads, as I know how annoying they can be. I would love to be able to remove some, if not all, of those ads and offer a more enjoyable experience. I would also love to be able to hire someone to give my site a makeover so it loads faster and runs smoother. I want to continue to provide you, the readers, more of the high-quality walkthroughs and reviews you're used to.

The money you pledge will allow me to do all this, as well as enable me to buy more games (hence more walkthroughs and reviews) and also devote more time to writing them. If you find my walkthroughs helpful, please consider supporting me so you can see even more, including more requests. Any amount helps -- even a dollar -- and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening and supporting :)

Note: A few people have brought it to my attention that they would like a way to make a one-time donation, not monthly. I've considered using PayPal for this, but they're very clear about their donation button being only for non-profits and I don't want to violate their policies. However, if you want to make a one-time donation, you can simply cancel your monthly donations after your first payment. Patreon charges patrons at the end of every month and lets you pull out at any time. You can read more about It in their FAQ here:
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With $1,000 of Patreon support, I can afford to remove some of the ads from
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