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Thank You! + Weekly Progress Report
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First of all...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Second, you gain access to the Weekly Progress Report, released every Saturday, touching on the following points:

-Submitted apps that have been approved and added to the "Apps On Demand" queue for development.
-Status updates & progress made on apps currently in-development.
-Beta testing status & results for apps currently in testing phase.
-Release dates for apps ready to go live.
PLUS, as a huge "Thank You" bonus, your name will be permanently added to the "Credits" section of each release to recognize your contribution!

Vote For The Next Apps To Be Built!
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Everything from the previous tier, PLUS...

Here's where YOU have a say in which apps get built & released to the world by voting on app submissions made by fellow Patrons! Your vote determines which submissions get added to the "Apps On Demand" queue for development!

Submit Your App Request
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Everything from the previous tiers, PLUS...

Every month, you'll have the opportunity to tell us what app(s) YOU want built & potentially have them added to the "Apps On Demand" queue via patron voting!

Is it a game or utility app? What void would it desperately fill? Is it an improvement on an app currently in the wild? How would it improve or enhance your quality of life or the lives of others?

If your submission gets voted into the queue for development, you automatically gain behind-the-scenes access to the development process AND automatically become a Beta tester for this app during the testing phase!




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Hi, I'm Adrian...and I'm here to build the apps you've always wanted or needed to improve your quality of life.

For over 15 years, I've used my skills & knowledge as a Computer Scientist to build software applications for numerous companies: from as small as startups to as large as enterprise-level corporations. (Feel free to check out my resume here)

Now I'm using my skills & knowledge to build the apps YOU, the people, are in demand of. For once, you have a software architect & engineer that will devote the time, energy, and resources to build the apps YOU want to see that'll improve & enhance your quality of living...because chances are, you're not the only person waiting for these types of apps to come out.

Patrons like yourself make a case for a new app (or a new addition to an app I previously developed & released) that desperately needs to be built & shared with the world; if it's sensible & feasible, your request is then added to the Request Pool. You can make as many unique* requests as you like at any time.

Then every month, fellow patrons vote** for the submission*** within the Request Pool to get added to the Apps On Demand Queue, where it then waits for its eventual development.

*Requests made by multiple patrons that are similar in nature will be discarded in favor of the original request and its patron.
*Excessive/abusive duplicate submissions made by the same patron will be disqualified and its original request removed from consideration.
**A vote occurs when there is a minimum of 3 submissions within the pool of requests.
***A maximum of 5 submissions will be voted on at a time; remaining submissions will be roll over into the next month(s) for future voting.
$416 of $423 per month
Monthly Costs of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Servers are REALLY important for data processing, transfer & storage, and apps heavily rely on them. They include:

-Proxy servers
-Load Balancer servers
-Web servers
-Application servers
-Database servers
-Notification servers

Since they can be very expensive, VPS servers are a great way to keep costs down during the early stages of app development & production.

With your contributions, reaching this goal will help with the monthly costs of keeping these servers activated and ensuring the apps work properly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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