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About The Art of April-Anna


Welfare thinks I can survive on $400 a month. I have to get out of the Welfare Trench & become self-sustainable. 

I am a self-employed multi-disciplinary artist for a living since 1996.
My services: Body Painting, Face Painting, Henna Body Art, Temporary Jagua Tattoos, Murals, & Commissions.

I also create:
Stop-Motion Animation Short Shorts, Illustration, Painting on Canvas, & Fine Art Explorations in general.

Other Talents & Interests:
- I just got a piano in December & have been learning to play the piano while I have been re-training as a singer.
- Learning to sew in order to make stilt costumes
- Training in stilts
- I am trying to do further training as a fine artist through tutoring with a teacher in Old Montreal.


- Produce & release a weekly short Stop-Motion Animation films.
- Produce artwork suitable for printing on clothing & produce a line of clothes through the Art of Where.

I need at least $2,000 a month to cover my true expenses just to be able to live not including supplies for art or stop-motion animations or getting better or missing equipment. 
One time donations can be sent by e-transfer to: [email protected]

I AM HIGH RISK - COVID-19 CORONAVIRUSI am a survivor of a rare viral pneumonia I had was in quarantine for 5 weeks (out of a total of 7 months of bedridden illness) that left me with asthma. I also have IBS, re-occurring issues with back seizing from a previous injury, & other issues. I am fully allergic to wheat, milk & butter. Issues with insomnia.

I am diagnosed ADHD extreme combined type with an Auditory Processing Disorder (I get sensory overload), Hearing Impaired. I have severe PTSD from previous homeless periods I went through. Struggling with anxiety & depression.
I do not qualify for medical disability.

I am on the autonomous worker program of Emploi Quebec (welfare for self-employed people) which decided that I can survive off of $400 a month (I cannot, that is impossible) then have the nerve to ask me how I can survive.

They decided they overpaid me over the last several years and are forcing me to pay back $3,500 I don't have.

I have to get off government assistance because it's sinking me & I have to have a self-sustainable source of income as a self-employed artist.

Please help me achieve financial self-sustainability. I don't know how long it will be before I can safely do any of the body art services so my only income is now going to be what I can generate through the internet.

Support the arts!
I have a new website we are working on building right now, my old website is:

Donate by E-TRANSFER!

Don't want to do a monthly subscription? You can send a one time donation by e-transfer here: [email protected]

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