AprilWhiteMouse is creating reviews and guides for World of Warships.

Thank You Duck Tier

$1 /mo
You get a thank you.  And this image of a duck.

Gudbote Tier

$5 /mo
You are a gud.  When I have time enough to update an older review, these patrons will get to vote on which one gets priority.  I do about 4 to 5 of these per year.

Angry YouTuber Tier

$25 /mo
Rawr!  Vent that frustration.  Once a month, send me a replay and I will provide you with a written emailed analysis of your performance in game.  This analysis might even be helpful!

Lertbox Tier

$100 /mo
Once per year, these patrons will each get to request a ship (premium or otherwise) that I write a full review for.  They will be invited to assist with writing it and sharing their views on this v...