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Welcome to the city!

-Access to the Activity Feed, which will have WIP sketches, ideas and smaller updates.

-Maybe a Discord server for chatting and discussion if wanted!

-Name in credits with a thankyou!

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You're first in line for online Alpha/Beta testing once available!

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Love not War!
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Are you the creative type? Have some influence in the game world!

-Work with us to design a weapon or clothing, doodle some graffiti in the city or something else.  
(Contact me first to discuss your idea so we can be sure it'll work in-game!) 

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About HellsPlumber

The Game

Aquars is colorful paint-based online shooter based around two warring species, the Squissum and Splotters.
Splotters live above-ground in a bright clean modern city, while the Squissum live below them in a cramped, dimly-lit world.
Their path's only cross when they're fighting it out over new territories.

But it's not all about online battles!

  • The city is an online experience where you can shop, play games and socialize with others. 
  • Players get their own appartments to customize and hang out in with friends. 
  • Players themselves are customizable with different clothes, hairstyles and weapons. 
  • There's a 2-part single player story where where the worlds of the Squissum and Splotters meet.

With many unique game-modes and regular events & updates, we're hoping to give players tons to do!

The Team

We're a very small team consisting of myself, my partner  NimaDoodleZ, and talented musicians NOQQYSC and Donn Devore.
I myself am responsible for all coding, designing weapons/environments, and modeling weapons/environments. 
NimaDoodleZ is responsible for character models, animations and artwork.
NOQQYSC and Donn Devore are responsible for providing the games unique soundtrack.

Why we're here!

Aquars started out as a labour of love.
We all work on it in our free time between working our respective jobs and I've covered all costs personally.

As the project grew it became clear: making games isn't cheap.

As sole coder, the game is already a huge task for me and it's simply impossible for me to create every game asset myself.
Unity's Assets Store lightens the load by allowing me to purchase ready-made assets that would either have been impossible for me to create alone, or taken me months to create from scratch. There's also server costs, hosting fees and money required to get our game onto Steam Greenlight.

In short your contributions will help us cover asset purchases, server costs, hosting costs & get our game out there on Steam.
This will help speed up our current workflow, plus the motivation boost that comes with having your support!


All contributions are greatly apprecaited!
Not only are you helping fund the game and aid development, but you're also showing us that you're interested in the game.
It's extremely motivating to know we're not the only ones who like the idea!

Check the tiers for more info on rewards, and if you have another idea then let us know! 

$0 of $50 per month
This will help cover the costs of neccessary assets we'd need to purchase!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post