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Patrons donating $1 a month will:

-Gain Access to doodles, sketches (of characters), and brief WIPs (work in Progresses)

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Of course, anyone who wishes to donate a bit more (thank you by the way), will receive:

-Lineart concept art for characters

-Brief sketches of upcoming comic panels

-Any previous rewards

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Yay, thank you! You will receive:

-Early access to any comic pages lineart

-The chance to request a bust image of your OC/Muse (own character), or any character from your choosing, once every two months.

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About ArachneArts

Heya! I'm Sophie! Currently I am working on a comic Body Mates (A story about a girl having to share her body with another soul). On the occasion I'll make random art, adoptables, commissions and fanart etc. I love spending my free time working on my art and trying to improve it as much as I can.

Why I need A Patreon
Well, I'll be attending college soon and am hoping to be able to start my career or at least a portfolio somewhere whilst making even a small bit of money to continue it all. Of course I wouldn't just ask for money, patrons of certain tiers will recieve rewards, and everyone will be the first to know of new or ongoing projects.

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