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Also includes everything from the previous tiers!




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About Arcade Audio

What is Arcade Audio? We're An audio network set on giving your ears our podcasts and other audio excellence. Home to Podswoggle, Dilettante Ball, RJ Hates Rap, Our Father, Humanoid ResourcesLet Sleeping Dogs LieLakeshore & LimboShared HistoryMarried With MoviesQueer Movie NightThe Heels in HeelsRiverside Falls, and The Blank Slate.

By helping us to pay for things like our hosting service, website, and equipment, you're allowing us to expand the network and focus on giving you even better content!

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When you become a patron, we'll send you a quick survey to find out which podcasts you listen to and/or want to support on the network. You can choose one of them, all of them, or something in-between! The majority of your contribution will go to those podcast(s) you've selected and a small portion will go to the other podcasts on the network as well as the network itself to help cover costs.

From everyone here at Arcade Audio, thank you again for all your support in the past and your continued support in the future!
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