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My eternal gratitude towards you; 1$ means a lot I mean, take a look at what the dollar store is!
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Your names will be put on the forum thread (special Patreon section!) and will be shouted out whenever I do a video/stream! You can also chat with me privately on weekends! You'll also get access to a Patreon-only Drop-box with updates of images and news before I post them on Twitter!

-All previous rewards including my eternal gratitude
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An early closed-access to beta versions of my mods which will be linked to a Drop-box where the Patreon will be notified!
School supply funding!

-All previous rewards including my eternal gratitude




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My name is Arcaratus (and if you just came here for the pronunciation here it is :P PRONUNCIATION="ärk-kə-ra-təs") and I create mods for Minecraft with Blood Arsenal being my biggest one (others include SleepVanilla Guide, and more to come) and also participate and contribute to the modding community especially towards Blood Magic. I like fun stuff (like most people do) and games, and a big-time music lover. Simply a general person that likes to do unreasonable things for everything!

Why support me?
I'm a high-school student. Life happens, and well, Patreon is really my only source of income (other than picking money up from the ground). However, Patreon is a massive motivation for most people to continue to do what they do and it is for me too. It gives a reason behind what I love to do, and helps push me forwards!

So let's talk about what happens with the money, right? Well, I don't have any desperate needs for it and I don't really like to spend money that often, but of course, there are those wonderful things out there called video games and I just have to get them! Other than the occasional game or two, this money will be helping to support me in the future for school and education!

All rewards are listed below each one having all the rewards under it! (If you pledge $10, then you get the $5 rewards as well and etc.)

P.S. Don't forget to visit the awesome WayofTime and his Patreon page for Blood Magic!
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This first goal will push me to create and maintain a very thorough documentation of everything inside of the mod!
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