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is creating Pokecord Community With alot of fun events!
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About Arceus' Kingdom Server Patreon

🎉Welcome To Arceus' Kingdom🎉
🔰What we are?
: Arceus Kingdom is an Recently Created Pokecord Community Which was transformed from an Private Server with Some Friends of Pokecord to an Public Pokecord Community. We hope to See You in Our Server Shortly!
🔶What do we have?
💰Daily Giveaways!!
⭐Gyms & Elite Four(Person To Beat All Gyms & Elite Gets Prizes!!)
🤖Fun Bots(Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, Unbelievaboat, Mantato, Mudae-Maid, Owo, etc.)
🎉Daily Interactive Events Such As Pokemon Catching Events & Flash Giveaways & Weekly Invite Events.!!
🎨Art Contests & Shadow Lugia Auctions!!
💼Friendly Staff!!
🐣Fast & Cheap Daycare!!
🎊Monthly Big Raffles & Tournaments!
💖Premium Bots! Dyno Premium, Gaius+ & Mee6 Premium!
Thanks for Reading!!
-Discord Link:
$0 of $10 per month
When I Reach 10$ per month, I'll Giveaway 100k credits in server! 
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