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About Archeons

First things first, thank you for giving our Patreon page a glance and the support you've shown us by sharing our videos, commenting, and watching the content we've released. Archeons at its core is about music and creating the best tunes that we can but we want to keep creating funny "mock" videos of our lives in a band and continue to grow our podcast "The Arc Hive". To give you the best content musically, visually, and audibly we need your help.

By becoming a Patron of Archeons you'll be apart of the family. Suggestions for new videos, podcast topics, what songs to shoot music videos to, will all be discussed within our Patreon. We'll listen heavily to your suggestions and keep an open discussion of what's to come in the future.

You'll also receive exclusive podcast episodes, concept art, unreleased material from our journey so far, behind the scenes content, demos of upcoming songs, special thanks shout outs at the end of our videos and access to content before release! 

We are incredibly humbled by your support and we can't wait to grow together on this journey.

From everyone at Archeons,
Thank you! 

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