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You get access to our monthly release AND the Sinister Vault!
The models come PRESUPPORTED
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You get access to our monthly release AND the Sinister Vault!
The models come PRESUPPORTED
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per month
You get access to our monthly releaseAND the Sinister Vault!
The models come PRESUPPORTED !

You also get access to the monthly module we release for use with the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons! 

The module includes exclusive art, a story arc, creature stat blocks and maps you can print out!
Includes Discord benefits



About Archvillain Games


We are Archvillain Games and we create miniatures in 32mm scale!

May is the month of the Khazaad - Steelbreaker Clan!

Khazaad - Steelbreaker Clangoes live on May the 2nd will be available until May 31!

All of the models come PRESUPPORTED

What you get - all presupported! 
  • Monometronaut - 1 pose - 200mm base
  • Stonewurm Rider / Stonewurms - 4/4 poses - 100mm base
  • War Bjargan - 1 pose - 90mm base including 2 Leadspitters and King Thrag Steelhammer
  • Steelbreaker Engineers - 4 poses - 25mm base
  • Steelbreaker Firespitters - 3 poses - 25mm base
  • Steelbreaker Leadspitters - 2 poses - 25mm base
  • Steelbreaker Warriors - 5 poses - 25mm base
  • Steelbreaker Ram Riders - 4 poses - 50mm base
  • Geomancers - 4 poses - 25mm base
  • King Thrag Steelhammer - 1 pose - 25mm base
  • King Thrag Steelhammer (Throne version) - 1 pose
  • Khazaad - Steelbreaker Clan 5e module (for the Archvillain Tier)
  • An exclusive 50% discount code off our MyMiniFactory store!
  • Upon joining you start earning eligibility towards Recurring Villain Rewards*!

(Please note that sizes are rough figures and not exact measurements)

"Recurring Villain Rewards" are meant to serve as loyalty reward for all of you villains who stay true to the Dark Cause! One is eligible for a "Recurring Villain Reward" when supporting for 3, 6 and 9 consecutive months.

This Patreon is dedicated to bringing you the most amazing 3D printable minis and terrain for your tabletop games!

Miniatures and terrain are delivered as STL files, just download and print!

Upon joining you will also get access to the Sinister Vault and the monthly releases post!



Model Scale

Most of the times are 32mm scale for use with tabletop Rpgs and most of the wargames out there. We also use base size as reference, the miniature height is referring to biped models:

  • 1 inch base - Medium sized miniature (miniature height 32mm from eye level to foot on a T-pose)
  • 2 inch base - Large sized miniature (miniature height 50-75mm from eye level to foot on a T-pose)
  • 3 inch base - Huge sized miniature (miniature height 75-100mm from eye level to foot on a T-pose)
  • 4 inch base - Gargantuan sized miniature (miniature height 100-120mm from eye level to foot on a T - pose)
  • 5 inch base - Titan sized miniature (miniature height 120mm+ from eye level to foot on a T-pose)

Remember you can always adjust scale as you see fit in your slicer!

Presupported models

Our models also come in the form of LYS project files, test printed and provided by our team! You can find out more on presupported models on this post:

Disclaimer: Presupported models are offered only for Tabletop scale and Tabletop versions of the models. Use this channel to exchange knowledge with other users!

Disclaimer: Succesfuly printing 3D models provided by Archvillain Games is up to the end user. Presupported models are not in any way guaranteed to work in every user setup.


(Frequently asked questions)
How do I get the files?
Upon release we will post a link with the monthly releases !

What does the Sinister Vault contain?
- Zariel the Fallen (2 wing sets, 2 weapons)
- Isabetta of the Dawn
- Kalineas the Broken
- Gith Swordmaster
- The Witchunter
- The Blacksmith
- Neverishka the Dragon
- Gharl the Cleric (2 poses)
- The Archvillain statue
- Arcane summoning circle
- Ruined arches
- Two different decorative bases for your models

The Sinister Vault will be continuously updated with new models as this Patreon page grows.

How soon can I download the files?
As soon as you join in one of our tiers!

When will I be charged?
The moment you join you'll get your first bill. Afterward, you'll get billed the 1st day of every month .

What if I want a model no longer available on Patreon?
All models will be available on our online store store.
Patrons will always be getting early releases of the minis and many exclusives.  

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to any tier and/or purchasing, and/or downloading content provided by Archvillain Games, you accept this legal biding Agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, do NOT subscribe, purchase nor download the content we provide.

  1. Archvillain Games is the sole owner of the STL files and their derivatives. The STL files are a copyrighted work belonging to Archvillain Games.
  2. Archvillain Games is the sole owner of the PDF modules. The PDF modules are a copyrighted work belonging to Archvillain Games.
  3. Archvillain Games grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the files.
  4. You may not Resell, re-distribute, or share our digital products as-is or where the resource can be extracted, nor use portions of our files to create new ones. You may not resell derivatives (e.g. physical prints) of our digital products unless you possess a Commercial Use License that is granted by Archvillain Games alone - see below.
  5. You may not use the resources in mass commercial production, meaning no molds and/or casting of the printed models.
  6. You may only use the content provided by us (imagery, digital files and their location links) for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them nor the prints. (See exclusions below).
  7. All copyrights belong to Archvillain Games, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. Our files, designs, and imagery are protected by intellectual property laws.
  8. Availability of tiers may or may not be limited.
  9. Tiers and their rewards and availability are subject to change without prior notice.
  10. Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of Archvillain Game’s copyrighted brand and materials will be considered a breach of this contract, an infringement of copyright law, and dealt with accordingly in keeping with Greek Law 4481/2017 on the Collective Management of IP Rights and Related Rights, Multi-Territorial Licenses for Online Uses Within the Competence of the Ministry of Culture and Sport

Commercial Use License - Additional Terms and Conditions

-Filling in the Archvillain Games Merchant Registry survey with is mandatory for receiving a Commercial Use License. It is mandatory for licensee's to keep the information provided in the said survey up to date and valid.
-You may sell 3d prints of our models as long as you remain subscribed to a tier that provides a commercial license.
-You may not cast our models.
-You may not sell our digital files.
-You may not use our products in crowdfunding campaigns.
-You must credit Archvillain Games as the artist responsible for creating said models.
-The printed models may be painted or unpainted.
-Archvillain Games retains the right to revoke any Commercial Use License at any time.


Due to the nature of our digital products and us supplying a download link to them directly upon patronage we cannot issue a refund as our products have already been licensed to you upon signing up.

©2021 Archvillain Games. All Rights Reserved.

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