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Hey guys, if you ended up here, you may have an inkling of who I am from the Torque 3D Game Engine community, but if not: Hey, how's it going!

I do development work on 3D video games as well as the team lead for development work on the Torque 3D Game Engine. I've been slowly honing my skills in a hobbyist way for over a decade and am now making a push to releasing real games instead of just hobbyist dabblings and side projects.

With your help, I can produce polished, fun and interesting games as well as continue to develop the Torque 3D game engine(which I use), which not only benefits my game projects, but also YOU if you have an itch to create, but other engines haven't really suited your needs to date.
$60.74 of $100 per month
Would enable funding small contract work for web content, as well as ensuring stable hosting of websites and content.
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