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About Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue VID Dog Training

The goal of our Patreon page is to be funded to provide free dog training sessions to owners on limited incomes and for dogs with severe-to-extremely dangerous dogs that would otherwise be killed.

Each session will be posted to our rescue page Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue Foundation on Facebook and YouTube.

Our in-house rehabilitation and downtraining, James only intakes dogs that have attacked at least 6 - 9 people/animals. We fundraise to provide pro bono and significantly reduced training rates and consults for rescue orgs throughout North America.

Our Foundation is focused on providing psychological rehabilitation for the most extremely dangerous dogs, with primary focus for predatorial dogs exceeding 150 lbs. Uniquely recognized in national media, television and newspapers for James' ability to successfully downtrain dogs that far exceed Dr. Ian Dunbar's 'bite level 6' scale (this level of dogs are summarily killed according to Dr. Dunbar's theory). James has the iconic ability to read dog's root psychological profile in under one minute.

James has successfully downtrained North America's most extremely dangerous Great Dane in North America in 2016/17. This severely abused Great Dane had been through 7 homes in 19 months. Which 6 of those families freely admit to beating, starving, prong collars, shock collar till the dog was drooling and quivering from fear. One family beat the Great Dane so badly, he suffered 20% blindness, 10% hearing loss and slight brain damage. Subsequently, the giant dog became so dangerous, before being ordered by the Court of New York to be flown directly to James...the dog had attacked and bitten 16 people. One time dragging a shelter worker into his kennel, that accidentally put their arm inside his darkened kennel after hours, inflicting wounds requiring 42 stitches.

Downtraining is without the use of treats, medication, painful collars or mechanical aids. Collar & leash is all anyone needs. Our kill/medicate rate is 0%...James has never been unable to downtrain a dog by at least 40% with an average progress rate of 80%.

James has a 100% success rate across the entire spectrum of dysfunctional dogs. From mild to extremely dangerous. His goal is to provide as much free training and rescue services to dogs that are facing euthanasia due to behavioral issues.

Our Dream Goal is to provide a free training session program as long as support allows. All reactive dogs helped will be posted.

Thank you,

James Tsai,

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