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      About AridWaste

      Thank you for your interest in Resource Packs and Skins for Minecraft!  Your encouragement keeps me going.  Your patronage provides the inspiration and motivation to keep new material coming.

      I currently have ten texture packs that are publicly available to you.  They are:
      • Woodcraft, a wood-themed resource pack;
      • Woodcraft Toxic Add-on, adding radioactive/Toxic colors to Woodcraft.
      • Stickland, a colorless resource pack made with five shades of gray and no color;
      • Specklepack, a pack where all of the blocks are designed around the same speckled texture in different color combinations and then modified from there.
      • Realstuff64, a 64-bit pack with realistic textures.
      • It's Forby!, a 4-bit pack with a simple but distinctive feel.
      • Corrugated Cardboard, where everything is corrugated.
      • Shrunken, a 32-bit pack with vanilla textures double up so they appear to have shrunk.
      • MetalSheen, a simplified cartoonish pack attempting (and likely failing) to add a metallic gleam to blocks.
      • LCARS GUI, which changes the GUI to look like Star Trek displays and replaces villagers with Enterprise crew members.

      You can find my work on Planet Minecraft, Curse, and Curse Forge.

      You can also buy AridWaste merchandise on Amazon!
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