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is creating Live Streams and for my future subReHro's
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You can't afford to be a subReHro but you still want to support the stream! Even if you think that $1 doesn't help much it truly does, so thank you for your support and believing in me and my dream to be one day a full time streamer!
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Simliar to the $1 donator you are just trying to to support the stream as much as you can and I truly appreciate everything you have done!
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This is the minimum amount required to be a subReHro! By being a subReHro you are now entered with higher odds to win every giveaway! You will be able to enter in future giveaways that are for subReHro's only! You will get into the Raidcall where I will happily hang out with you whenever I am of stream and just hanging out! And last but not least you get yourself into sub only games where you get to play with me in multiple games! You also get to put your input on what music we play throughout the stream! LASTLY the newest addition is that you gain access to audio emotes. This is where you get to make commands in the chat that plays audio on stream of that command!




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You are my first Super bReH! You have shown the love and support towards me and my dream of one day becoming a full time streamer!
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