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is creating Server without CORUPTION, without FEAR.
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About Ark Raptor

Hello players, my name is Vilius, i playing Ark Survival Mobile for long time. I played in many Official and Unofficial servers, but all the time i meet Ark servers reality. In official brutal ALPHA tribe's rule's, in Unofficial Admins corruption. I use to spend money in unofficials to buy pheromones, chain's or Intense Focus and than be scary that i will get Ban or server will be gone. So i got idea start my own server, server where you can play without fear that server will be gone and server where is no corruption. With your help we can make this reality and we can grow this server to be big and maybe one day best in Eu Unofficial Servers. Thank you all - Raptor. (All support in here is not "donate for ark" becouse this is illegal, all support made in here is to me, so i will say thanx and give gifts in private)
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With 50$ we will never be afraid anymore that server one day will be gone, we keep it as is now online forever.
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