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About Arlo

A Little About My Channel

Hey there, guys and gals!  I'm Arlo, and...  Gosh, has anyone told you you look really great today?  Because you do.

Anyway, if you're new to my channel, here's the skinny.  I talk about video games--opinion pieces, analyses, reviews, whatever strikes my fancy, and I mostly talk about Nintendo with plenty of exceptions.  My number one goal though is to always keep things FUN.  No drama, no angry ranting, and no content that makes you jump in front of your monitor when your grandma walks into the room.  Playing games is just plain fun, and I want ArloStuff to reflect that feeling you get when you boot up a Mario game.  I want it to be upbeat and playful, but also not afraid to talk about industry trends and sales figures and all that other stuff.

When I first started my channel it was going to be about whatever I felt like, but perhaps inevitably it evolved into mostly a gaming channel with "whatever I feel like" sprinkled in.  Also I originally wanted to mainly focus on more "timeless" content rather than reactions and opinion pieces and whatnot on topical games and events, but that sort of went out the window.  My fans want to know how I feel about new games and major announcements and they show up in great numbers when I talk topical, so the channel has adapted to meet those wants.  However I like to add humor wherever I can, and when possible I like to tie my opinions on topical stuff to broader subjects, the goal being much as it was before: to make each video fun to watch down the line, even when it's referring to old news.

"Why should I support this Arlo guy?"

Since launching my channel I've built up a following of some of the raddest folks on the internet, and I've learned that yes, this is indeed my dream job.  I adore every single aspect of it, and I can't imagine something else I'd rather be doing.  The problem is that it's difficult balancing the channel with my own personal responsibilities, and it's growing progressively harder to support oneself with ad revenue alone.  I won't bore you with the details, but basically there's less and less money to go around for Youtubers like me.  So what does support through Patreon mean?

Your pledge means that I can act more independently of Youtube's issues.  I can create the content I want without worrying as much about algorithms and advertisers and all that stuff.  The more I make here on Patreon the less I have to worry about alternative forms of income, which distract from content creation. 

All Because of You

I'm being dead serious when I say that Patreon is the only reason I'm still doing this.  If all this time I'd been relying purely on ad revenue from Youtube I don't think I would have been able to justify spending as much time on the channel as I have, and less content would have meant fewer viewers, which would have meant less growth and less ad revenue, and ultimately I can't be certain that I would still be doing much of anything with it.  Support from colossally amazing people like you is what keeps ArloStuff going, and hopefully it's what's going to turn it into something so much more.  So if you find it in yourself to pledge even as little as one dollar a month, you've got my eternal gratitude.  I seriously can't thank you enough, or properly communicate how much it means to me.

But enough of all that mushy stuff!  Let's have some fun!

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