The Armchair Adventurers Club is creating Podcasts and Media

Armchair enthusiast

$1 /mo
  • You love Armchairs just enough to help us keep the lights on and for that we'll give you a shout out in the Weekend Review or Armchair Admirals your choice!
  •  1 entry to our monthl...

Armchair Cadet

$2 /mo
  • This tier if for those who love the Armchair Admirals.  At this level you get everything from the Armchair Enthusiast tier.
  • Every month you can submit one Star Wars Armada fleet l...

Armchair Apprentice

$3 /mo
  • You are beginning your journey to be an Armchair Adventurer! 
  • At this level you will get all the rewards of the pervious tier plus:
    • Access to a bonus podcast the Armc...

Armchair Journeyman

$5 /mo
  • You're well on your way to being an Armchair Adventurer! 
  • You get all the rewards of the pervious tiers plus:
    • 2 additional entries to our monthly raffle!(For a total ...