Arnold Judas Rimmer

is creating assets for Cities Skylines
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About Arnold Judas Rimmer

I am not fan of exclusivity, if you want support my work, keep in mind its available for every player of this game! 

Are you fan of Cities Skylines? Are you interested in more content for this game? Because I do! 

Iam 27 years old accountant who has best hobby, asset creation!

Short story:
After release of the game, I instantly bought it and started to play. I was speechless from it! Building own cities, own world is somehow magic! How time went, I was slowly improving myself, to build better stuff.
       However I came into stage where workshop content wasnt enough for my needs. Thats why I decided to try asset creation.
       First house I started to make in late 2017, took some time, but never finished. However I gained so much creation skills in short time (wasnt that hard since before i was untouched by that)..

Around Cities Skylines I am almost every day. However I dont release everything I do. If its not good enough at the end, it goes into bin... (even i spend much hours on that)..

Since most creators are interested in US world, I am trying improve European one.. My dream is make Italian paradise (slightly as Tuscany). It took me over 11 months to create map theme, every day trying new textures, new alpha mask, new combinations, all to achieve most usable theme...

(Thanks much to @deeheks for his mind support! Without him, you would never see this theme!)

My plans are huge. Some would say impossible. But my passion is stronger. You can look forward for many, many, many unique assets.

I appreciate every support you give me!

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