Vajra ~ Visionary Artist

Vajra ~ Visionary Artist

Creating Acrylic Paintings and Visionary Art

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  • Access to sketches and drawings from my sketch books exclusive to the Patreon Community
  • progress shots of my paintings you are supporting as they unfold.
  • knowing that you are supporting my sincere endeavor to transfix the world with art from the bottom to the top of my Heart


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  • access to recordings of classes I have taught and recorded broken down into easy sections easy to integrate.
  • a 99 minute monthly group Q'n'A session where all Students get to ask questions, whatever they may be about my art, techniques, inspiration,  motivation or anything else that comes to mind on the 1st of every month.
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  • Once a month 66 minute one~on~one video mentorship where I will personally answer any questions of yours and help you create what you wish how you want to. This level of support is for those who wish to truly learn what I have to offer - how i can empower you in becoming the creator you've always known you are. Whether its art advice, how I would proceed given your works in progress, or general life/magic, I'm here for you, and you're here for me. To those off you supporting me on this level I pledge myself 111% and I'm so grateful you would trust me as your mentor, I promise to deliver in whatever way possible all that I have for you. 
  • a pdf or word document outlining my six-day course "The art of Magic"
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About Vajra ~ Visionary Artist

I'm a magician, pure, good and true,
here doing my thing for me, us and you.
help me to rise to the highest of heights
and watch as collective intention takes flight.
I appreciate all that you're doing for me
as I move my pigments toward eternity.
telling my stories and sharing my thoughts,
brushes my words and the canvas the plots.
above and below, the flow of the stream,
converging through paint in the world in between.
Like lightning shining, the diamond that gleams,
painting my paintings and tracing the seams,
together forever, awakening dreams
for you and for me and for all of the teams.
for one and for all as I practice my craft,
in the waves finding comfort that you are my raft,
keeping me floating and making my art,
what are we waiting for, how 'bout we start,
living my purpose as you support me,
together, forever, toward infinity.
$2.60 of $1,800 per month
At this point I'll cover the financial needs of my family and be able at last to focus on art and art alone, no longer trusting, but knowing that I am supported through it all, thanks to your appreciation and support
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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