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Midnight Snack
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Feeling a little peckish? Then how about a little snack?

With this tier you receive:

  • Monthly Character Suggestion
  • Access to WIPs & Monthly Life Updates
  • Access to High Res Art
Aberrant Appetizer
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How about something to tide you over?

With this tier you receive: 

  • All previous rewards 
  • Process gifs of & w/ Monthly Art
  • Monthly Art Suggestions + ( Pose/Situation )
Hearty Meal
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Need more than a quick bite? Then lets make it a meal!

With this tier you receive:

  • All previous rewards
  • High-Res PSDs of Monthly Art 
  • Tier Exclusive!: Every 3 months, you can request a monochromatic bust sketch of 1 character (sfw or nsfw; ref required)




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About TheArtHungryDemon

Hiya, the name's Kiga and I'm a weird creative creature from the abyss <3
Not only am I a horrifying nightmare creature, but I'm also an Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Vocalist! 

Why not join me for a meal?

The things I love to create:
Casual monster people art,
Character design and OC Art,
A few bits of fanart here and there,
And lots and lots of characters with sharp fabulous eyelashes!
So, if you're a fan of that stuff, feel free to become a guest at my dinner table! 

You can take a look-see at what you'll be getting into by checking out my pages on Twitter and other websites!

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll get in this deliciously devilish package~! 


This Patreon contains NSFW material so please be at least 18+ before deciding to pledge!
This page is constantly in it's experimental stage so things such as formatting, tiers, and goals can/will change, especially with your input!

Monthly Polls

Participate in monthly polls to help decide on what content gets put out each month, whether it's based on existing characters, my own OCs, or just something brand new!

HQ Art Platters & Art Dumps

Get served a platter for of High Quality versions of art of post along with unfinished sketches/ideas that many people may not get to see! You'll also be able to, request that certain ideas can get finished :>

Private Streams

Once I'm able to reach a certain goal I'll also be able to do private streams for patrons, record past streams for people who may have missed it, and request focused streams for my high tier patrons!

Previews, PSDs, and Process GIFS

Get previews for various content, including Patreon exclusive previews of monthly art and possible Visual Novel work, PSDs of finished Monthly art to see my 30+ folders and hidden ideas/secrets, and Process GIFS to see my final pieces come together~!

Comments, likes, constructive criticism, and sharing links to my creations are all welcome!
So, if you like what I do but can't support me you can help me just as much by doing that~!

1 of 10 patrons
Once I get 10 of ya to join me at the Dinner Table, I'll feel comfortable unlocking the 3rd tier [Just Deserts] which means:
  • I'll get a Premium Picarto account to do Private & Request streams for [Just Deserts] tier patrons!
  • Start dishing out Commission Discounts & Priority Slots to [Just Deserts] tier patrons!
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