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I appreciate your support! This is the basic Pencil Art tier, with the Clean / none-ecchi stuff, from Instagram. No files are sent at the month's end via Dropbox.  Sometimes the Clean colored images are shown here. 

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You'll get access to Some of the Core Inked / Shaded  B&W drawings that I do in a month, and this includes the B&W images of   some Uncensored / ecchi stuff = suggestive, sexy, motorboating, twerking, but not  adult pR0n.  And no Dropbox Files at the end of the month.

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You'll get access to All the Core Completed Colored drawings that I do in a month, and this includes the WIPs, the B&Ws and the colored ecchi stuff.  Hi-res files sent via Dropbox, but no access to the Sexy Commissions shown in the higher tiers.


Greetings, My name is Chidi, aka Mr. DSNG. I'm the author of the DSNG Sci Fi Series; they're about 20 ebooks available on Amazon. My art style is cheesecake / comic art. Here on Patreon I will be sharing fan art, concept art, sketches and some NSFW ecchi art. I'm also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I used to be on Deviantart as well, many years ago...

You can Google "DSNG sci art" or "DSNG Blog" to see the stuff that I've done and posted in the past.

I should be able to do at least 8 to 10 Core Completed colored artworks in a month, featuring comic heroes, anime heroes, video game characters, etc. This will be separate from the Sexy / Suggestive / Ecchi art.
There will be lots of Pencil art / B&W Work-in-Progress images, which tease what the higher tier fans will see at the end of the month. Art from Instagram will be shared here, so the fans in the lower tiers will often see those colored images as well. 
And there's strength in numbers. So the more people sign up here, then the more I can produce for you.

Those fans that would like to order some original sexy Commissions can check out the higher tiers. 

And if you sign up for a low tier like $5 per month, and you want a one-time Commission, then talk to me and hopefully we can work something out.

Some of the art I post here, like the basic pencils and inks, will be posted on Instagram / Facebook. But a ton of exclusive art will be shared here as downloadable picture rewards, at the end of each month. 

FYI, I do draw furry art Comms, but I don't do Comms that feature vore, or underage loli pR0n, rape, herms etc.

Join me and enjoy the art!
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If I get this high, I'll consider starting a monthly original Web Comic!! This will be a fan-voted project, so the comic can be based on my Original Characters, or an existing franchise!!
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