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I wanted to give A LOT at every level because my goal with this project is to create an inclusive community of creatives who can share resources, give & receive feedback, encouragement, and support!  So every single patron, from $1 up gets ALL of the following things:

  • Entry into our private Facebook group, where we'll talk shop about all aspects of running a creative entrepreneur business.  
  • And as soon as you're ready, you get 1 Google Sites art portfolio website already set up with a template, transferred to you upon request.  It's easy to replace the content with your own.  Just like writing an email! Whenever you want to claim this reward, let me know your Gmail address, so I can transfer the website to you.

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  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Google Sites art portfolio website


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I see you and I appreciate you.

  • You get all of the above rewards, and a public "thank you" on the Art Resourcery appreciation page.

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  • Thank you on sponsor page
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Google Sites art portfolio website


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  • Of course, you get all of the above, but more importantly, this is the tier where you get a steady flow useful, behind-the-scenes digital gifts to develop and promote your creative business.  These are tools I use to organize and promote my own studio practice and I'm creating more of them all the time.  At THE INSIGHT TIER, you get full access to ALL art business spreadsheets, calendars, and productivity printables in the @artresourcery Etsy shop!

    (Image: detail of Meeting, by Remedios Varo, 1959)
  • Thank you on Sponsor Page with thumbnail
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Google Sites art portfolio website


Dear Artists,

Welcome to Art Resourcery! It is my mission to gather all the tools artists need to create a professional online presence, all in one place.

Even if you graduated from art school, you probably never learned how to build an art website, or use social media to PRESENT, MARKET AND PROMOTE YOUR ARTWORK EFFECTIVELY. And let's face it. Those skills are kind of important if you want to make a living doing what you love. It is my goal to build a collection of resources here that can help you figure it all out, and build an inclusive (and private) community where artists can brainstorm and talk shop. I'll be starting with the basics and expanding as we go.

On the Art Resourcery website, you can already learn things like:
  • How to build a Wordpress website, one easy step at a time.
  • How to set up a Pinterest business account for your brand.
  • How to connect your Etsy shop to Google Analytics.
  • And I'm making a TON of amazing printables and spreadsheets to help organize all aspects of the artist's lifestyle. A couple of these are already available on the website, some are on my Etsy shop, and some are exclusively for patrons.  


And to accomplish this, I am giving big rewards for all different levels of support.  All patrons get access to our private Facebook group, where we'll talk shop about all aspects of running a creative entrepreneur business, and also...


At the $1 a month tier, you get a Google website, premade, ready to be filled in with your own content.


At the $5 a month tier, you get access to the FULL ART RESOURCERY LIBRARY of printables and planners!

There are a ton of other tiers, with more personalized gifts at all levels, but you can see that even the smallest contribution will be full of rewards.

Why am I doing all of this, you may ask? Fair question. Well, I've been a librarian, an artist, a professor, a creative consultant, a project manager, and a web developer, and frankly, this is what I'm good at! Researching, creating useful archives, dealing with all aspects of websites/social media/marketing/promotion, and teaching people how to create a cohesive artist brand and share it with the world in a professional way. This is the intersection of my diverse skillsets and I want to share my knowledge with other artists. I'm always getting the same questions from people about just setting up the basics. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, I'd really like to make all of these resources available to everyone in a non-overwhelming and actionable way. By breaking the process down into small, simple steps, it is much easier to achieve success. And I want to put you in control of your own image and data so you won't need to depend on others to run your creative business.

So, if you support this project on Patreon, you will get...

  • A TON of amazing rewards (see the tiers section for the massive list of useful gifts I will shower upon you).
  • My deep appreciation for allowing me to put time into developing this project so t can benefit more artists.
  • Admission into our private Facebook group where you can get help with Art Resourcery related things, connect with other artists and share tips and lessons about the business of making a living from your art. You'll be able to invite friends into our secret group, so you can share the benefits with your local creative community.
  • I will listen to you. If there are certain topics you all want help with, I'll create posts to make it easy for you.

And if we do really well, some things I'd love to do in the future are:

  • Start a featured artist section!
  • Gather lists of upcoming art opportunities for Patrons in a newsletter format.
  • Feature curated art marketing professionals on the blog.
  • Dive into more specialized tutorials and educational success stories.
  • Add a 20 minutes a week task to our Patreon updates that will help you improve your website/ social media/etc. a little bit at a time.
  • Spend more time creating advanced content, based on the needs of our community.
  • And of course so much more!
If you're still here, THANK YOU! Even becoming a patron for the cost of one coffee per month would be a big help. As I think you'll see from the huge rewards for every single tier, I'm in this to help others succeed and develop a supportive community of creative entrepreneurs. I hope you'll join me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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