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Iam Michael alias Artful 3D.
Iam a 3D Artist since several years and i come from Germany, Bavaria near Munich.
It's been a few years since I started to get interested in game development.
As with many others, the interest in developing games came from dissatisfaction with existing concepts, which, by the way, still not exist today.
I was and still am, a big fan of fantasy games and  particularly interested in the maritime theme.

I have been working with Blender, the Allegorithmic tools, especially the substance painter and the Unreal Engine 4 since several years.
I have been  specialized in game ready low and mid poly meshes.
My great dream is of course my own game, and that's what my efforts are geared to.

I am not a programmer, so currently I can only drive the project from the visual, artistic side.
But, as it may be, to build my world, work is enough for the time being and everything else will give itself.
I also would like to turn my work mainly to hobby developers.
The big studios will hardly need my work but the many hobby and indie developers or programmers who do not have the possibility to create their own assets will find the one or another usable asset.

In the last few years I have learned a lot about the game development and would like to pass on this.
And now i want to start my long cherished desire.
I want to live as a 3D Artist and spend all my time into my 3D work and
i also want to work independently on my sea Tribes Project
But how to live my dreams?

Now, with Patron, II have found a possibility to directly address interested parties.
You as my supporters can also benefit directly from my project by making my assets available to you.
You can use all of my assets as you wish, except to sell them further outside of a game or other application.
You can also participate directly in the development, discuss the state of affairs and make suggestions.
I look forward to a great time with you and a good success.
Thank you for reading and kind regards

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Working as a 3D artist is a 24 hour job and hard earned money.
My first goal is to live from my work as 3D Artist to become independent and spend all my time and power into my Sea Tribes Projekt.

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