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Love At First Sight
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"By approaching the familiar from a different angle, we see the shape of the subject change dramatically." (William Irwin Thompson)

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT will give you:
  • A quick and uncomplicated dose of presence through beauty available through the Daily Sadhana 
    • The Sadhana is a daily mindfulness prompt with contemplative art & evocative text posted 5 days a week. It invites a slowing down of perceptual velocity, a settling in to intuition and imagination, and an expansion of awareness and appreciation.
  • A downloadable 12-page e-book
    • 5 awe-inspiring artworks, 5 affirmations and 5 evocative text prompts in a PDF that you can download and carry with you on your digital device to complement your practice throughout the day. 
  • A 15% discount on purchases of all our products (digital & print)
    • Our online shop offers personalized products for contemplation including, canvas or aluminium prints of artworks; journals and diaries personalized with a contemplative artwork of your choice on the front cover; calendars and 80-piece puzzles.
Choose this offering if you want to test the waters to see what is unique and different about Artful Contemplation as a mindfulness practice.
Choose this offering if you are already engaged in several mindfulness practices, such as yoga & sitting meditation, and want to experience a complementary practice that places emphasis on training attention through aesthetic reverie. 
Choose this offering if your schedule is pretty full right now but you still recognize the value and importance of a daily mindfulness practice.
  • 5-day practice e-book
  • Access to Daily Sadhana
  • 15% off products in store
Immersive Eye
reward item
per month
"Edges are important because they define a limitation in order to deliver us from it. When we come to an edge, we come to a frontier that tells us we are now about to become more than we have been before." (William Irwin Thompson)

IMMERSIVE EYE will give you:
  • unique Moving Eye mindfulness videos of contemplative artworks to demonstrate and enhance Slow Looking,
  • exclusive Sound Mindfulness podcasts with guided visualizations and facilitated exercises to support and enhance your mindfulness as a fully embodied experience,
AS WELL AS INCLUDING all of the benefits of Love At First Sight:
  • access to the Daily Sadhana,
  • downloadable e-book,
  • 15% discount code on products in our shop. 
Choose this offering if you are fairly new to mindfulness practice and need additional resources to benefit from the process
Choose this offering if you are ready to spend more time and attention on a mindfulness practice that foregrounds the training of awareness through aesthetic appreciation
Choose this offering if you want to explore the contemplative artworks through the depth of perspective and fluidity offered by a camera, in addition to the still image.
Choose this offering if you want to explore the contemplative artworks together with the embodied practices of sound, breath, sensation and awareness.
  • 5-day practice e-book
  • Access to Daily Sadhana
  • Sound Mindfulness Podcasts
  • Moving Eye Mindfulness videos
  • 15% discount on products in store
Deep Diver
Limited (8 of 8 remaining)
reward item
per month
"For those contemporary individuals who have lost a sense of the sacred in daily life and also lost a sense of the use of religion, there is no way to regain the emotional feelings of connection with the whole with Oneness, except through art." (William Irwin Thompson)

DEEP DIVER will give you:
  • a direct line of communication with Dr Samantha Prigge, the co-founder of Artful Contemplation, to bring challenges, insights or questions about your personal mindfulness practice to the fore; communications will be via a private text, voice & video chat server on Discord and available to Deep Diver patrons only
  • privileged access to weekly Slow Looking Sessions via a personal invitation (link); these sessions take you into an online mindful art gallery, offering the opportunity to view high resolution images of the week's Daily Sadhanas
  • high-resolution digital downloads of the Daily Sadhanas so that you can take the contemplative artworks on a digital device with you into your daily busy-ness.
  • all of the benefits of Love At First Sight and Immersive Eye.
Choose this offering if you are ready to experience mindfulness through aesthetic appreciation as a practice embedded in every waking moment.
Choose this offering if you want regular, direct and in-depth support for your daily mindfulness practice.
Choose this offering if you are completely new to the contemplation of Art as a mindfulness approach, and require additional support, guidance and resources
Choose this offering if you tend to benefit more from a mindfulness practice by being able to talk about it and share your realizations.
  • 5-day practice e-book
  • Access to Daily Sadhana
  • Sound Mindfulness Podcasts
  • Moving Eye Mindfulness videos
  • Artworks as Digital Downloads
  • Direct Line of Communication
  • Access to Slow Looking Gallery
  • 15% off products in store




per month


Mindfulness. Such a buzz word right now. You've probably heard of it, possibly downloaded an app, and maybe considered doing a course on it. Quite likely you've been told that 'doing the mindfulness thing' is soon going to be a requisite in your workplace, school or organization. No doubt you have some questions: is mindfulness just another word for meditation? do I have to go on a retreat? will I be expected to sit still? do I have to do it in a group? And maybe you have some concerns: How will I fit another activity into my already busy schedule? Is this going to be a form of psychotherapy? Will it really lead to peace of mind and tranquility? 

As the founders of Artful Contemplation, we have spent the last 2 years contemplating all of these questions, and more. During this time we have designed and launched a website, opened an online shop, initiated a community on Facebook, spent hours researching, writing and creating - but most of all, we have spent time finding ways to make mindfulness a quality of life, the foundation of our seeing and being in the world. And as Artists, this has meant making our creative processes and products an integral aspect of how we practice mindfulness. Our goal is not to share the answers to all of your questions in a book, or a manual, or a classroom situation - but to provide you with personalized answers through direct experience and a daily unfolding of unique & creative mindfulness prompts and resources.

The emphasis on unique & creative mindfulness prompts and resources is important. There is something extraordinary about Artful Contemplation as a mindfulness approach - something extraordinary about the contemplative artworks, about us as the founders, and about this unique aesthetic approach.  

The aim of mindfulness meditation, in general, is to develop our capacity to pay attention to what is unfolding within and surrounding us, using the full range of our senses, and to do so without judgement and fixation. Artful Contemplation is a unique approach that foregrounds the practice of this non-identified presence through contemplating the beauty of Art. Research has shown that engagement with any form of non-representational or objective art results in many of the same benefits of a mindfulness practice. 

Art (a multidimensional way of looking at the world)
artful (attainment of skill through dedicated time, space and effort)
contemplation (deep and intentional reflection on a subject, idea or object)
Artful Contemplation

Artful Contemplation is specifically designed to integrate with the rhythms of a contemporary lifestyle by offering a practice of embodied awareness through the technologies and digital devices that are indispensable to our daily activities. , such as increased engagement with the present moment and regulation of attention.

We'll be revealing much more about ourselves, this unique approach and how you can integrate it into your daily life over the next few weeks and months, with content-rich posts, exclusive resources and community engagement. We would absolutely love to welcome you! Artful Contemplation could become your online sanctuary - all you need to do is decide on an offering that works best for you right now and ENTER. 
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When we reach 100 patrons, we'll be able to start remunerating our mindfulness artist, Lanon Prigge, for the full archive of contemplative artworks that he has created over the last 18 months as a labor of love and generously gifted to Artful Contemplation. 
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