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About Pembroke W. Korgi

Hello, peeps!  I'm Pembroke W. Korgi and I love to entertain people with my art and videos.


One of my art projects is a webcomic I've created called Da Pukas.  It's comedy/adventure comic about  six underground dog/rabbit creatures called Pukas, who are exiled from their home and have gone on a search for another tribe of Pukas that went missing a decade ago.  The group search the caverns of their underground world in search of clues to the missing tribe, while also looking for a potential home for themselves.  Along the way they are met with many strange civilizations, mythical creatures, magical artifacts, and a murderous jackal creature called Chacal, who wishes to eat them.  This is my most ambitious project, and I hope it's one that everyone can enjoy.

The other art project is an parody My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Ask Blog called Ask Scalebreaker a sort of alternate universe take on my old Ask Thiklestia blog.  In this version Scalebreaker is bigger and badder than ever before, but in this universe it's always been Scalebreaker and there's never been a Thiklestia.  Scalebreaker is an evil tyrant controlling over all of Equestria and the only thing that comes close to her thirst for power is her incredible appetite for all foods that are spicy.


And last, but definitely not least, is my video projects.  These are posted on my YouTube channel, Artificial Orange Studios (aka Pemmy Plays), these videos usually have to deal with the subjects of video games and animation, as they are subjects very dear to me.  I also post videos of me drawing updates or random artwork for fun.  Below are the types of shows my channel presents.

Let's Draw - This is a series of Speed Drawing videos where I will draw blog updates, fanart, or comics at an accelerated rate, allowing people to see the process I go through to make my artistic creations.

Pemmy Plays - This is a set of "Let's Play" videos where I play a video game with a friend of mine, and we provide commentary throughout the video for the viewer's enjoyment.  These are fun to make, and allows me to introduce people to many new games they may have never heard of.  I prefer to do indie games and retro video games, but will sometimes delve into more well known areas.  The link goes to my Undertale Let's Play since it is the most popular among my videos.

Cartoon Catastrophes - Probably my most popular series of videos, these videos have me watching old cartoons of varying quality, and review it in a comedic manner.  I will give an overview of two episodes of a show (unless it's a single episode pilot), make jokes along the way, point things out among the video, and give it an overall review of whether or not I think it is a "catastrophe".

Arcade Funhouse - One of my longest running series, Arcade Funhouse is a series where I review the various arcade games from the 80s and 90s.  This series reviews a wide variety of games from this area, ranging from popular games like Paperboy and Sinistar to more obscure games like Mutant Night and Chameleon. I go over the levels, gameplay, and entire structure of the game and inform you if I feel the game is fun and worth looking into, while also giving a little humor to go with it.

So that's a presentation of everything I wish to provide for your entertainment.  If you can provide some support, I would greatly appreciate it.  I can only hope that I can make my projects worth your time.

Thank you for your time.
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I'll bring back Cartoon Commentary as a bi-weekly show on my YouTube channel (it and Let's Draw will alternate on Mondays).  This is a show where me and a friend (usually Krunchy or Meiou) provide commentary over an episode of a bad cartoon.
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