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Thank you for supporting us! You are amazing, and very quick!

  • This Tier receive everything from the Adventurer Tier (Welcome Box, Monthly Releases, access to Polls, Lives and Work in Progress); but for a slightly better price.
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GARGANTUAN CREATURE ALERT! Join this month and get a free Tarasque! In parts for easy printing.
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Thank you for supporting us! You are amazing!

You will receive:

  • You will get access to the Set of 3d Printable Models and Miniatures we sculpt each month in STL: 
  • 4 Modular Miniatures with Swappable Weapons and a Banner.
  • 2 "Over-the-Top" Hero Miniatures
  • 1 Mounted version of one Hero
  • 1 Riderless Beast (Standalone Mount)
  • 1 Fantasy Beauty
  • Detailed Bases for each Miniature
  •  You will have access Welcome Box  containing a selection of Miniatures and Accessories, check it in the description!
    - Terms and Conditions: all our files and links you can print these files for personal use, but you are not allowed to distribute or sell them. Check the detailed rules in our main page.
  • You will have access to our community!  
  • You will see our works in progress (both pencil and 3d) as we make conept and sculpt, and will be able to comment and give feedbacks! 
  • Your opinion will have an impact on or next releases: having access to our Polls you can decide what we will do next!
THE LEGENDARY DEVOURER!Special Offer • 16 days left
GARGANTUAN CREATURE ALERT! Join this month and get a free Tarasque! In parts for easy printing.
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Thank you for supporting us and sharing our prints with the world, you are great! For a special price you will receive:

  • This Tier receive everything from the Adventurer Tier (Welcome Box, Monthly Releases, access to Polls, Lives and Work in Progress).
  • You can Sell the Prints of our models (but never the files or links!) as long as you stay in this Tier. If you change Tier to a lower one or stop supporting us you immediatly lose this ability. 
THE LEGENDARY DEVOURER!Special Offer • 16 days left
GARGANTUAN CREATURE ALERT! Join this month and get a free Tarasque! In parts for easy printing.



About Artisan Guild

Let's unlock some Stretch Goals togheter. 35 Euro All In!

We are the Artisan Guild and our Patreon adventure begins here!
Hello there, we are Andrea Tarabella and Francesca Musumeci! We are passionate about sculpting fantastical creatures from other universes. We are creating 3d printable extraordinary Miniatures for your favourite rpg/wargame/boardgame to print at you home, paint and collect. Print and play, or scale up our miniatures if you need fantastical big figures!

This is the current Month Release, Available Now (CLICK HERE!)

The Monthly Releases
- Early Releases at super Prices
Joining our Adventurer Tier or higher you will receive the Welcome Box (scroll down to see it) and the Monthly Release: a Set of exclusive 3d printable figures that expire at the end of the month. The Monthly Release gets better the more we are, as it gets updated upon reaching Goals based on patrons numbers (described on the left). Based on the current Goal level, the Monthly Release includes:
  • 4 Modular Miniatures with Swappable Weapons, for various combinations!
  • Standalone Regular Weapons for Loot, customization and our Weapon Racks!
  • 2 "Over-the-Top" Hero Miniatures.
  • 1 Mounted version of a Hero.
  • The Riderless Mount as standalone Beast.
  • 1 "Beauty of the Month", suitable as Miniature or display collectable.
  • A Sculpted special Base for each Miniature.
The Monthly Release is uploaded at the beginning of the month (once Patreon process payments) and expire at the end of the Month. Don’t miss them! We often make upgrades during the month, so check your email inbox for news.

Our Official STL Store - Buy the previous Releases Here

If you start supporting us later and you want to buy models from the previous months that are now expired, please visit our MyMiniFactory Store.
From day 1st to 10th each month, for our Patrons only, we share codes to get 20% OFF on your order to grab old releases you missed!

Loyality Reward! - Free Epic Boss for Persistent Patrons

  • One Epic Boss is released on our Shop every Season (3 months).
  • It's FREE as a bonus reward for patrons who support us for the full Season!
  • Supporters from the Merchant Tier in the month of an Epic Boss release automatically get the Epic Boss!
  • Any other Patron gets a permanent 50% on all Epic Bosses. Click here for the full list of Bosses!
  • The reward is automatically sent by email using Patreon Lists.
    If you change email please contact us! 

The Welcome Box
 - Join us and receive everything immediatly!
By joining the Adventurer Tier you will also receive immediatly the Welcome Box (click here). Now it contains:
  • 3 Highly Detailed Gargoyles, perfect to be used as demons or vampire monsters too.
  • The Soul Stealer Bust, a creepy tentacular animancer ready to be painted!
  • The Adventurer Camp Starter Set, perfect foryour rpg party to rest (or Dungeons and Bandits)! This contains a Pack Mule, Modular Tents, Modular Campfire system full of accessories and various Weapon Racks, suited to be used with our Monthly Releases Standalone Weapons!

Want to Sell our Prints?
The Stl we provide are for personal use (check the rules at the end of the this page), if you want to sell our prints join our Merchant Tier. Once you join, in this post you will find the license and all the material you need click here!

Let's talk and keep in contact! Your opinion matters!
We run Polls at the start of each Month. By partecipating you can help us decide what we will sculpt next! Let us know what you think using comments, we like to keep in touch with our supporters :)

Sculpting Video!
In this video we recorded a sculpting session, so you can se exactly how we sculpt our models. He's Dunn Half-Ogre, special free addition of May 2019 available on MyMiniFactory.

Our Experience
Beginning with paper, pencil and clay since we were kids, we worked with awesome people in the last 10 years, concepting and sculpting hundreds of the most awesome miniatures for various companies, such Frog the What Games's Slaughterball, Roots of Magic, Erebus Studios and of course, Raging Heroes!

Artisan Guild is our dream-project since many many years ago, and thanks to our Patrons this is finally going to be real. We love what we do, and we really hope that you can feel our passion through our sculpts! We encourage you to spread the word about our project with your friends: the more we are, the better we can perform.

IMPORTANT: Rules, Terms and Conditions
All files and links we share with our Supporters are meant for you as Patron and no one else. By downloading content made by us (Stl, shared links), you accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not download the content we provide:
  • You may only use the content provided by us (Stl and their location Links) for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them nor the prints.
  • You can cut/resize our files to fit better your printer but you can't share those derivates (as the original files).
  • You can't edit our 3d Files (stl) or use portions of them to create new Content!
  • Our miniatures, any other kind of 3d file we release or or portions of our files can't be used in any other project, Kickstarter, Patreon, or any other crowdfunding platform or sold in a "box".
  • You can't make molds of our models, any kind of mass production is prohibited.
  • You can, of course, take photos, make live streams and video with our models (ideally to Paint sessions or Showing 3d printer results) as long as you state that the models had been made by us. In this case, promoting our Patreon page and MyMiniFactory Store would be greatly appreciated!
  • All copyrights belong to Artisan Guild, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. Our designs are protected by intellectual property laws.
  • All the previous points apply for who belongs to the Merchant Tiers too, with the exceptions that they have the ability to Sell Prints of our models (not files!) as long as they remain in that Tier. Even here apply the rule that you can't use our files and figures for kickstarter, patreon, any other crowdfunging project or make casts/molds, selling them in boardgame boxes or similiar.
Thanks for your collaboration :-)

Thank you for visiting us,
The Artisan Guild team: Andrea Tarabella & Francesca Musumeci

©2014 Artisan Guild. All Rights Reserved.
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Troubles in Taverns New Heroes!
By reaching this Goal we will continue the Set Troubles in Taverns sculpting a new hero! When the Goal is unlocked we will start to develop the ideas and make sketches, some days of work will be requiered before the models will be done
Actual Troubles in Taverns Set:
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