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I'm not uploading new content at this time, however, with $1 per month you will have:

* Access to my tips for a successful art career (and to be successful at anything!). There are 18 posts with success tips waiting for your. 

* Access to my Patreon exclusive timeline with tips and drills to improve your drawing.  There are 18 posts with my best drawing tips for you. 

Draw With Me!

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* All previous rewards.

I will be publishing one long video every month or two. These new videos show the whole process for creating a digital drawing from beginning to end, with no narration. 

 With $4 per month you will get:

* Access to My New, Long Digital Drawing Video Tutorials. For these drawings I used an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the program Procreate, but I think seeing the process will be helpful for digital drawing on any equipment and program since in general, they are similar. These new videos have no narration. 

* Access to 18 Long Video Tutorial on Drawing or Painting! If you want to be one of my students, now you can!These videos are the long version of some of my YouTube tutorials. They show you my tricks and techniques, as well as information about the materials used. You asked for these longer tutorial videos and I'm happy to present them to you! :)

* Invites to Art Openings. When I have an art exhibit or a gallery I work with has an art exhibit, you will get an invite to attend the opening. 

The Club

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* All previous rewards.

* Your name on my Patron of the Arts board, in my website

* Access to my "Sculpture for Everyone: How to Model an Eagle in Clay" course. It consists of 15 videos (about 4-8 minutes long each. The regular price is $40, but with this level you will have it all.

* Discounts on all my original artwork and prints. (This alone may pay for your contributions and beyond).

* You Can Suggest Tutorials and your idea will get serious consideration. 



About ArtistLeonardo: Fine Art-Tips

Note: I'm currently not uploading new content to Patreon every month necessarily. I´m not uploading new tips for level 1. For level 4 and above I will be uploading a new long tutorial of a digital drawing every month or two (created with an iPad, Apple Pencil and the program Procreate, although the basics are similar to practically any digital drawing program). 

When you join, you will be able to access all my existing drawing tips and videos for each level, as follows:

With just $1 per month, you will have access to 18 posts on drawing tips, such as the best way to begin a drawing, how to develop your own style, how to make a great mark, etc.

With $1 per month, you will also get 18 posts on Success in art and in general, such as how to best manage your time to be able to create every day, how to set up your studio, your mindset for success, how to accomplish your goals, etc., etc.

With $4 a month, you will have access to all the above, plus 20 long video tutorials drawing and painting techniques. These are similar to my YouTube videos, except that they are not as sped up, and they go much more into detail. Plus you will get a long video of a digital drawing process every month or every two months, with NO narration. 

With $9 per month, you will have access to all the above, plus the 15 videos of my course "How to Model an Eagle in Clay," and your name will be posted as a Patron of the Arts on Fine Art-Tips' website.

Your contributions are VERY appreciated.

I LOVE the impact that the YouTube videos on my "Fine Art-Tips" channel are having on artists and the community around the world. It is amazing to read the feedback on how, through watching the Fine Art-Tips videos, some artists are accomplishing their dreams. That some are finally working on what their passion is. How Tuesdays have become their favourite day of the week because they watch the new tutorial, and how some won an art award or got an excellent grade on their drawing exam because of the tutorials, etc.

And I love that I'm able to share whatever knowledge I have, in a way that is free for you and everyone else. I think that is fantastic and I'm grateful to YouTube and to all my subscribers who make it possible.

With Patreon I make available to you the things that my subscribers often request from me and that I have never been able to get to, while continuing to work toward producing better videos, and help me support my family in the process, so we all win. I want to give you my best art and life knowledge in the form of tips, as well as through drawing and painting tutorials.

I thank you for your support already, here, or just by watching my YouTube videos. That means so much to me!

Thank you.

Yours truly,


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I will get the Fine Art-Tips website completely remade so it is much more helpful and fun for you to use and learn!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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