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Our efforts bridge community resources to those serving the most vulnerable in our cities. By focusing on solutions and providing a safe place for diverse parties to voice their perspectives, Artists 4 Life in the Sound creates cycles of awareness addressing important issues relevant to our life and times. We have been working in Tacoma, WA openly since 2012.

Our current Season focuses on survivors of trauma due to abuse and on young people with no shelter in our cities. We work with organizations like H.O.P.E. Victims Advocacy Foundation, which has been helping minority women in Tacoma's most vulnerable communities escape and establish themselves after domestic violence at no cost, and with organizations like Oasis Youth Center and Coffee Oasis who are working on solutions for youth experiencing homelessness.

An upcoming project of ours is Music & Heart in Wright Park, happening Saturday, August 10 in Tacoma's Historic Wright Park ( We will bring these issues and more to the public fore via an event unlike any have experienced in the South Puget Sound. We are working with 19 bands, a local artisan market, a world class brewery, multiple radio stations and professional production teams to capture live and produce high-quality, multi-media content that will make its way on the air via radio, podcasts and a variety of online forums throughout 2019.

Immediately following this event will be a Season of H.O.P.E. with the Stars 4 Peace project, during which we will address community needs directly, and in an uplifting crescendo that will be live during Tacoma's largest Winter Holiday parade. As we have in the past, we will be working with local businesses and partners throughout the South Sound to bring greater community together to understand the changing nature of life in the South Puget Sound, and we will offer meaningful ways to contribute to individuals and organizations making a real, direct difference on the streets of our cities. Considerable effort is taken to ensure that materials and resources given are distributed to those people for whom they are intended. For a frame of reference of what we have done in the past, you can go to www.PeaceStars.Online

Artists 4 Life in the Sound has operated by word of mouth almost exclusively since 2012, and is part of a greater community of like-minded people and friends that value and understand how a greater quality of life can be created by collaborated effort in the spirit of higher cooperation in order to achieve for the many what was historically reserved for the few.   

Your contribution supports us all.

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