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My sig is BDG, goes back to when I was in school. As an artist I focused on oil and acrylic painting until an unfortunate injury made holding a brush too painful.
Then I discovered 3d, namely Daz and Carrara. I found the learning curve agreeable and began kicking out some fairly boring images. Then one day one of my girls asked me to paint a unicorn on top of a wood elf, drawing hurt too much so I tried working out the concept in Poser.
Big mistake.
Soon I was working on stuff that nearly everyone found objectionable, but hey...the purpose of art is to always push your boundaries. So I began with short pictorials running roughly 20 images and found I was receiving e-mails asking for even more explicit images.
As I began a steady stream of mixing creatures with humans and elves,  I gradually realized I could tweak the image with Photoshop since pure CG in Daz or Poser was lacking.
Finally I had decided I found my niche, moving away from mainstream and never looking back.

In case you haven't figured it out yet
NSFW      18+
Insert warning for sensitive persons about offensive
and diverse NON-Human partners for human/elf females.

My free work can be seen at twitter and Slushe since I no longer bother to post on HF.
If there's some thing you'd like to see included, e-mail suggestions to:

[email protected]
9% complete
It made me put a goal.
I've never had any goals in my life, so why start now?
But it would be kinda cool if people liked my work that much wouldn't it?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 680 exclusive posts

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