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About Seriously Badass Costumes

Like special effects? Horror movies? Furry costumes? Monsters?

Well, you've stumbled onto this page, so you must.

I don't offer a lot of patreon-locked content, but I do post everything I do here -first-. And, as a small-time artist, if you wanted to throw a buck at me every month to support what I do, you've got my humblest gratitudes. I mostly make a lot of costumes, with a few armours and props on the side.

For patreon, this means sneak peeks at works, monthly workshop walkthroughs, livestreams of working on interesting projects, Q+A sessions, and essays on different aspects of the trade.

If you want to see cool monsters, this is a good place for that. If you want to hear more about the behind-the-scenes work in the commercial costume and FX trade, this is also a good place for that.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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If I managed to get 500 bucks a month, that covers almost all of my rent. This would pretty much free up all my time, I'd have to go from making ~3 commissions a month to making 1. I would have so much time to tutor, do tutorials, stream and god knows what else. We'd figure out how to get in a fair amount of trouble, you and I.

Need a tutorial? Tell me what you want a tutorial on and I will make it. Give me some time to do these, of course, since I can't bend the laws of reality(But if I can, someone tell me so I can fix the US Senate! I mean, uh.. make.. more fursuits >.> Yessss... Who am I kidding, I would go back in time to watch godzilla on set ;_;) Or if it's not something super specific I will make a head from scratch and take a shitload of pix demonstrating my process in step by step form(As long as its something I can turn around and sell!) So you could be all "Can you make a dragon head tutorial?" but not a "Could you make a femme dragon head with a pointy nose and blue eyes and 3 horns that are white but fade to blue and a feathery mane, tutorial?".
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