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--Once per month, you can inspire a player character at any time in one of our D&D sessions, either D&D with viewers or the regular D&D Infinity and Beyond campaign.  With inspiration, the player can get advantage on an attack, saving throw, or skill check.  You can directly help the players survive (or not :p )!

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About Arvan Eleron

Updated 11/18/2018, Sounding like a broken record, there is STILL no official response from Patreon, many months and numerous questions later: Please note the pledge amount to the left is NOT accurate, but is indicative of a new method of displaying pledges which is supposed to reflect the "actual" amount a creator takes home.  I did not ask for and do not want this new system, and hope we will be getting an opt-out option soon, but in the meantime, please be aware that the total is actually 34 patrons, $386.96. Thanks for your continued support!


My name is Arvan Eleron, a writer and gamer, and I've been streaming on Twitch TV at since 2012, learning what makes Twitch the coolest thing online: community and connection.  Over the past three years I've streamed over fifty full games, from action adventure titles like Assassin's Creed to RPGs (my favorite) like Pillars of Eternity.  I've also conducted a host of interviews on my channel with developers from a whole variety of companies, from Shadowrun Returns' Harebrained Schemes to Pillars of Eternity's Obsidian.  But most important, we've built a community of nearly three thousand smart, fun and caring people--the Arvanauts--who make the experience of gaming an incredible joy. I'm working towards partnership on Twitch, and so many people have asked that I thought the time had come to take the channel to the next level with this Patreon.


Because community matters, and I think we've created one of the very best ones on Twitch.  From the moderators to the regular viewers to the new folks who come in every day, we treat every Arvanaut with respect and compassion, and the family atmosphere is one of the things we value most.  Everyone is a valuable part of what we do.  Of course, streams on my channel are entertaining and fun--but they're also designed to make you think, and through our discussions with some of the biggest gaming developers and authors in the field we strive to do just that.  But creating a place for all of that costs time and money--for equipment, games, and other enhancements to the streaming and viewing experience--and I want to demonstrate the support the channel has to the powers that be at Twitch as we move towards partnership.

That's where this Patreon comes in.  Most important of all is simply your presence in the channel as one of the Arvanauts.  But if you're able and willing to do more, whether it's $1 or $10 a month, you'll help support the channel's upkeep and development and demonstrate the support the channel enjoys...and you'll get some cool goodies as well.  Check out the pledges below, the milestone goals to the left, and tune in to every broadcast at And thanks so much for the support!
$213.77 of $250 per month
I play Dungeons and Dragons on my channel regularly with the Infinity and Beyond crew--all fellow streamers (and one editor).  But when we hit this goal, I'll pick five viewers at random every other month to play a one shot adventure in fifth edition D & D! Whether your characters will survive, of course, is not guaranteed by the management. 
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