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HELLO and Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I'm ArwenStarsong and I create Original Metal Music, Metal and Rock Covers, and Original Soundtrack/ Instrumental Music. I also paint from time to time (Upon Request). I am a solo metal artist, multi- instrumentalist, lyricist, and classically trained soprano with a demonic growl to match. ;). I have self- produced 2 Original full- length metal albums and one instrumental album and I use Youtube as my main creative outlet to exhibit my creations and cover music. I also have very active social media accounts where I exhibit my stupidity. :P.

Why Support Me?

Supporting me means you are helping me continue to do the songs and videos I create 2-4 times a month. Each cover takes a TON of passion, sweat, tears, TONS of coffee, and LOVE. Pledging to this channel in the amount of your choice means that you are supporting the work I do, paying for the production of the videos and music (including travel and helping upgrade equipment and software), AND you are also helping me build my career as a musician. I am chasing a dream and am getting pretty darn close and together with your help, I am sure that the music can ascend to great heights!

How Can You Help?

Patreon is a GREAT way for you to support the music and get access to exclusive content, livestreams, artwork/ concept art, and rewards! By becoming my Patron, you are a HUGE part of my journey and will have a ton more involvement in the processes of the making of my music, getting a say/ giving feedback before releases (pre- release access), any traveling I do for videos and photo sets, behind the scenes/ sets for videos, and a chance to make new friends and share content! I am grateful for the community that is starting to come on my social media and having one here to interact with would be very fulfilling and refreshing.

As a Patron, you choose your price per creation and you get to choose a mini reward package (bigger and better rewards to come). You can choose to pause or cancel your subscription at any time and also set limits as to how much you want to donate so you don't overload your bank! With all that in mind, this means I fit PERFECTLY with your budget! If you cannot support me in the financial aspect of my journey, there is ALWAYS my social media pages where you can send love my way, listen to the music, and see what's coming up! But being a patron means you get MORE ACCESS to what's to come. :P

Where does your money go?

I know people do not appreciate when people ask for money. To be honest, the pure thought of doing so makes me grossed out. It is your hard earned money, so you'd want whatever you purchase or donate to be worth your while, right? Bear with me, though. I think you're gonna like what I have to offer. And every bit goes toward the following:

  • I want to continue to build my home studio. To make it better, I would like to purchase a better DAW and some professional level VST plugins for the program. I am trying to achieve the best quality recordings I can get. I am talking EPIC cinematic soundtracks AND EPIC POWER METAL. As of now, my program does not allow me to properly mix and master my content. Nor does the DAW I have allow me to make the music come to life the way I would like it to, as much as my current content is great. I want that to change for the better. Doing so will make EVERYTHING I have done thus far look like child's play and it will TRULY bring my visions to life!
  • Creating the covers can take a LOOOOONG time and I think it is about time I start to find other musicians to collaborate with. I want to be able to pay them for their services and to appear with me in videos as well! I have lots of talented friends that I would love to show you! But before that can happen, I have to give them the payment for their talents! This includes hiring photographers, film makers, and paying for production (Studio Sessions and Mixing/ Mastering) as well! This will also give way to higher quality content.
  • The ArwenStarsong website is now up and running! I just need to be able to pay for a subscription to brand it to my purchased domain!  I have all my music and photos available for purchase on this site. <3. I may also have merch on the site soon as well. I am in the process of working on it. :)
  • I also want to get back to attending vocal lessons. Having the funds to pay for coaching will help me IMMENSELY. I know that I still have a ton to learn and with the help of the right teacher, I will be closer to achieving my full potential!

- I also paint from time to time. :) And I also take requests from time to time to do so. If you want a unique painting, you can drop me a DM and we can discuss your idea and figure out a good price. :).

My ultimate goal is to make a living from doing the thing I love most: making music. Your pledge gets me closer to achieving that goal!

*** any instrumentals you download from me MUST BE CREDITED if you are going to use them for your own covers or commercial use. Any person who uses my work with no permission will be penalized. I know this is harsh, but I HAVE been cheated before and no one likes to have their hard work go uncredited.

As more of you join my journey, the rewards will get better! stay tuned, you guys!

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hello to every person who has donated so far to the music! i am very glad you are here! to show you how excited i am, i am gonna do a live stream to welcome you personally, hold a Q&A, give a small little piano and vocal performance for you guys! hangouts are fun and i promise to make it fun! :
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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